What Is An E House Substation

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An E house substation is a reliable and time-efficient power supply solution that can be customized to your needs. These are products that are often customized and preassembled as well as are pretested for a variety of situations. The systems are simple to assemble and they can be put into operation within just a few minutes. The overall goal is to provide a rapid and reliable power supply that could be needed for industry or for emergencies. E house substations are considered to be one of the most convenient alternatives to traditional power distribution. They have been installed in a very large population across the United States to handle emergency backup and for the best in network operations.

E houses can provide ongoing electrical power wherever it may be needed. The setup and customization of these systems offer a plug-and-play solution that can suit the requirements of any industry. Once the E House has been customized and built up, it can be assembled on-site or on a trailer for easy power rollout.

What Is An E House Substation?

Easy Installation

An E house substation is truly designed to be a plug-and-play solution. You can simply switch over to power distribution from this system to have an automatic backup that you can truly rely on. These are systems that are often put in place to work during natural disasters and throughout extreme situations.

E houses are often considered to be around 20% less than the cost of a traditional backup. They require roughly 50% less of the planning cost and with the technology onboard there’s a reduced presence required to create a functional power generation solution. Time and space savings with this optimized footprint can ensure that there is a high level of power generation within just a small square footage of your property.

The safety mechanisms that are included with e house substations also ensure that there is a new level of maximum safety for power generation throughout your site. Every E house comes with an environmental health and safety management plan for its activation and there’s a smooth implementation process to protect all employees responsible for interacting with these systems.

E houses truly are a one-stop solution as an electrical provider for many industries, buildings and infrastructures. The customizable and integrated power supply serves for building automation systems, industrial systems and more. This safe and efficient power supply solution creates value chains for emergencies and a highly efficient supply throughout your business.

How E-house Substations and Mobile Substations Are Used in Real-World Situations

E-House substations and mobile substations provide temporary or emergency power supply to various industries, construction sites, events, and remote locations. They are designed to house electrical equipment and can be easily transported and installed to ensure a safe and reliable power supply. Mobile substations are often used for quick response in case of power outages, while E-House substations are used as a semi-permanent solution for industries that require a reliable power supply for an extended period.

What Is An E House Substation


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Proper Location

When deciding on the best location for your substation, you need to consider several factors. Included are the size of the land, any outside disturbances, the access to the site, etc.

It is important to clear the land of all elements that could disturb the substation. It is important to have a clear path so that other electrical devices, such as Mobile Transformers, can be easily accessed.

Land in an urban area is expensive, so it's not surprising that substations can be costly. Gas-insulated switchgear can be a real money-saver in urban applications.

Substations located in coastal areas can be affected by natural disasters such as storms and floods. In this situation, your substation must be elevated to avoid surges. Your substation's site must have space for expansion. This is because the load growth or transmission additions will also require this.

You should also consider the effects on the environment, such as noise, drainage, traffic, etc.

Make sure that the substation is positioned centrally about the distribution area. It is for the site. Sites should also be protected from animals and passersby. To protect civilians against dangerous or even life-threatening electric shocks. The electrical system must be kept running without vandalism, which can cause substations to malfunction.

What Is An E House Substation

Do Portable Substations Cause Health Risks?

As far as health risks are concerned, there is no scientific evidence proving they pose any threat. Therefore, being near a substation poses no risks to your well-being unless you accidentally bump or touch it directly.

Substations are home to electromagnetic fields generated from cables and various types of equipment, which should be treated with extreme caution as damage could lead to malfunction or even worse circumstances.

There are some potential risks associated with portable substations, including:

  • Electrical shock: If you come into contact with live electrical wires or equipment, you could be electrocuted.
  • Fire: If there is a fire in a portable substation, it could spread to nearby buildings or structures.
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs): EMFs are emitted by all electrical equipment, including portable substations. Some people believe that EMFs can cause health problems, such as cancer. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

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