Metal Oxide Surge Arrestors

Full DataSheet and Specs:

SMC Metal Oxide Surge Arrestors provides surge protection for DC distribution systems in transit, industrial and mining applications. The arrestors are designed to be mounted with the metal cap pointed up on: rectifiers, substations, DC feeders, on catenary poles, at the power rail, or on a vehicle. The unit should be mounted as close as possible to the device it is protecting. The arrestor should be connected to an appropriate sized conductor for anticipated surges. Arrestor selection is based on maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV). When grounded, connection should be less than 5 Ohms.

The Surge Arrestors utilize metal oxide technology, that has been proven in station and intermediate class arrestors. They are designed to operate in temperatures not exceeding 60∞C. The arrestor housing is manufactured of impact resistance UV stablized polyestor glass compounds with the element encapsulated. The element’s encapsulated area also has a high dielectric sleeve for added protection. The unit is sealed with a stainless steel cap. The connecting studs and mounting hardware are manufactured from corrosion resistance stainless steel. Energy discharge capacity is 2.6 kJ/kV for current < 500 A