MVIS SL Slim-line Contactor

Full DataSheet and Specs:

Becker’s slim line contactor (MVIS) features rigid construction and remote operation, preventing injury and promoting safety on the job. Becker’s high performance and arc resistant MVIS SL motor cell is a natural choice for both safety and efficiency.


  • Remote operation to prevent injury
  • No exposed live parts to reduce risk of electrocution or cause arc flash
  • Bucket hand removable in 5 minutes
  • Protective relays in separate rack to reduce weight if relay failure -- note several realsy are drawout as well
  • Tamper-proof entry
  • Enclosed to contain arc flash damage to equipment


  • 400 AMP, 480V/ 1000V/ 2400V /4160V /7200V
  • Fixed linear non load break visible disconnect switch
  • Quick change out bolt in vacuum contactor
  • Closing and opening with automatic grounding motorized rack and pinion gearing
  • Lock out/tag out front cover provision
  • Multi-contact power connections
  • Dead front bolt0in design with safety interlock swithes
  • Low cost
  • High visibilty of switch position
  • Low weight power components
  • Insulating shutter automatically
  • covers line terminals
  • ARC FLASH resistant design
  • Design adaptable to smaller vacuum contactors and vacuum circuit breakers


  • Rigid construction-gauge steel cell and bucket
  • arc resistant front design
  • No tools required to remove the contractor bucket
  • Quick pin release to remove contractor bucket – capable of being removed by 2 men in 5 minutes (4) 5/16 bolts
  • Ventilated top cover
  • No live parts
  • Removable front door for ease of assess with grease fittings on hinges
  • Tamper-proof door locking provision
  • Motor operated rack and pinion contractor bucket (breaks line and load terminals and drives load terminals in to grounding switch remotely)
  • Visible Line Terminal Disconnect
  • High current connections with low insertion force, self cleaning pins and sockets- steel side panels (optional)


480V-7200 V (low frequency withstand and BIL levels based on contactor value)

  • 200-600 amps continuous (600 with MVIS)
  • Fixed linear grounding switch
  • Illuminated cell to view position of bucket
  • Self-diagnostic LED panel on front cover
  • Sub-surface mounted control power circuit breaker
  • Rugged separable control connectors for ease of installation/removal
  • Safety Interlock to prevent to removal of bucket while energized
  • Electro-mechanical Lockout / tag-out for open/grounded position of bucket
  • Position Locking Device--an electrical solenoid that mechanically locks the bucket in the connected and cpen/grounded positions
  • Doors Interlock--trips upstream circuit breaker
  • Failed Vacuum Bottle Detection (optional)
  • Hot Circuit Detection/Loss of Phase/Reverse Phase Sequence (optional)