Type 82 DC Relay

Full DataSheet and Specs:

The SWARTZ Type 82 DC Re-closing Relay is part of a solid state re-closing system that prevents the closing of a DC breaker on faulted line. After a fault or over-current trip occurs, the relay provides load side fault verification before the breaker can close and will automatically re-close the breaker on a clear line. The Type 82 Relay is designed to be used on light and heavy rail systems.


  • Draw-out construction
  • LED Meter - Accurate, easy to read
  • “Load Measure” memory
  • Bi-Directional Load Measuring
  • Voltage Compensating
  • Internal Power Supply operates on and auto compensates for a range of DC inputs
  • Fault Annunciation
  • Built in Calibration
  • Modular Construction


The reclosing system consists of two units: the SWARTZ DC Reclosing Relay and a SWARTZ solid state tranducer. The transducer is a self powered unit that sends converted, properly scaled bus voltages to the relay. The relay can be remotely mounted from the transducer to eliminate exposure to traction voltage. The relay responds to the input and performs the functions of voltage measurements, load measurements, sequencing and indication. The relay measures voltage on the load side of the breaker and picks up if the voltage is above its pre-set values to close the breaker on a clear line. The relay will maintain preexisting line voltage measurements and measure the differential voltage when load measuring is applied. If the differential voltage is above the pre-set value, it will close the breaker. The set value for the relay is the voltage produced by the load measuring current at the minimum feeder resistance. Adjustments include time for each step of the sequence, number of attempts and levels for voltage and dead load pick-up. Contact us today for your product needs!