What is a Voltage Transducer?

Submitted by Kristian on Tue, 02/25/2020 - 03:21

What is a Voltage Transducer?

Voltage TransducerA voltage transducer is responsible for providing voltage output or DC current that is in proportion to the AC input voltage current received from the unit. AC transducers are built for the transformer input and they are designed to isolate voltage input from the transducer.

Voltage or AC transducers come in two different formats:

Absolute average measuring: These devices are calibrated using RMS and they are considered to be one of the most inexpensive transducers. These devices convert AC input to DC and they are calibrated based on the root mean square for their sine wave input. This type of voltage transducer works in an adequate measure for a number of situations in which the wave shape does not produce any type of distortion. Utilizing the other type of voltage transducer is a good idea if there is distortion in the wave.

True RMS: A True RMS transducer is responsible for calculating RMS value from voltage input and then providing proper output. The DC output is delivered on an effective value based on the input voltage. This type of transducer comes with an advantage when the voltage is regularly distorted. These models are available with set input voltages including 480 V, 240 V, 120 V and 69 V. The measuring range on true RMS goes from zero up to 125%. 120 V models typically range between zero and 250 V. If you are planning on dealing with an input that is higher than 600 V it could be wise to consider using a full transformer over a voltage transducer.

The Best Features To Look For

The best features include an industry-standard output for existing controllers with data loggers. Some form of reliability with equipment and an ongoing log can make sure that any causes for concern can be regularly monitored.

Input and Output Isolation

Input and output isolation can also ensure improved safety with a voltage transducer. Having circuitry that is properly isolated ensures that there is less of a chance for accidents that could occur and that the device can see safer operation over time.

Compact Construction

The latest voltage transducers come with space-saving designs and this can ensure that the mounts can be installed in smaller enclosures while taking up less space throughout the electrical grid by using these smaller and space-saving designs, it’s possible to include more of these devices throughout commercial grids and in industrial settings.

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