Swartz Is a DC Manufacturer

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 01:24

Swartz Is a DC ManufacturerSwartz engineering offers quality manufacturing in the form of reclosing relays and solid-state systems. No matter what aspect of the mining or heavy equipment industry that you work in, Swartz engineering is ready to provide the best in DC switchgear manufacturing and support for your business. A DC switchgear built with Swartz engineering is designed to be used in all types of light and heavy rail systems. Whether you are running a freight line for a mining site or you need support for your passenger rail safety, these are crucial switchgear components that will make sure that your system can run on time and with all safety considerations. 

Easy reclosing switch breakers are designed to work on a faulted line. If people verification occurs the breaker will trip closing down the power and preventing catastrophic failures on light and heavy rail systems. Swartz engineering ensures that these devices come with complete LED meters and readouts as well as bidirectional load measuring. Voltage compensating as well as internal power supplies ensure that these are devices that can continue to run in some of the harshest environments on Earth. 

The modular construction and ease of calibration will make sure that these products integrate well with any type of light or heavy rail system. If you don't currently have this type of if relay or you are wondering how you can easily integrate these into your system, we can help troubleshoot the experience as well as create purpose-built DC relays to suit the needs of your business.

Switch breakers can be a completely self-powered unit that can be scaled for voltages along the relay. The relay responds to any power input and will perform the voltage measurements and functions to offer safety and alignment. Preset values are added to close the breaker on a clear alignment relay will maintain the voltage measurement throughout the line while it is in use. 

DC relay like this one is built in a rugged and solid-state design they can operate in high temperatures, and high dust and with some of the most expansive power generation solutions in the industry. Do not leave a safety chance on any type of high-voltage system, with the help of these relays you can prevent failures, arc blasts, and more. These are the types of essential safety gear that not only leave your company compliant but also ensure that you can remain operating efficiently. 

If you are looking for the easiest integration of a reclosing DC relay and you want to make sure that it's going to be highly compatible with your current setup, contact Swartz today and we can create a custom DC relay to suit your needs.