What Is Electrical Distribution Equipment

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Electrical distribution equipment is crucial in supplying power from power stations to consumers. These systems include electric switches, detaching switches, current and voltage transformers, measuring instruments, buses, dischargers, and electric reactors. This article will explore the key components that make up electrical distribution equipment.

Lightning Arrestors

Lightning arrestors protect electrical distribution systems from lightning strikes, often during heavy downpours. They work by diverting excessive high-voltage currents from lightning to the ground, preventing power surges along power lines and subsequent outages. Typically, a two-valve lightning arrestor is used at substations, with one end connected to the transformer and the other grounded.

Electrical Distribution Equipment


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High Voltage Fuses 

High-voltage fuses protect electrical equipment and power lines from short circuits. These fuses are designed to handle currents over 600V in expulsion, liquid, and solid types. Expulsion fuses have an element that melts and vaporizes when a short circuit occurs, opening the connected power line. Liquid fuses use a metal case filled with liquid to extinguish the arc created when the element melts. In contrast, solid fuses have a metal casing that catches the melted part to put out the hook.

High Voltage Insulators

Power lines must be insulated with non-conductive or poorly conductive materials to prevent hazardous situations. This allows them to be safely mounted on poles and towers without harming the public. Typical insulating materials include porcelain, thermoplastic, and rubber, with porcelain being the most popular due to its ability to prevent electrical arcs and withstand various weather conditions.

High Voltage Circuit Breakers

High-voltage circuit breakers are designed to interrupt the flow of large currents exceeding 500,000V at power substations. These breakers come in different types to prevent large electrical arcs, including oil-immersed, compressed air, and magnetic blowout coil breakers. Oil-immersed breakers use oil to submerge the melted element during a power overload, preventing large arcs. Compressed air breakers direct compressed air onto the opened contacts, extinguishing the arc. Magnetic blowout coil breakers create a strong magnetic field at the open communications, which helps prevent large arcs from forming.

Electrical Distribution Equipment

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) are essential safety devices in high-voltage electrical distribution systems. Swartz Engineering may supply these devices to help prevent electrical fires caused by unintentional arcing in electrical circuits. Arcing can occur for various reasons, such as damaged or frayed wiring, loose connections, or worn insulation.

AFCIs work by continuously monitoring the electrical current in a circuit and detecting any changes in the waveform that may indicate an arc fault. If an arc fault is detected, the AFCI immediately shuts off the power to the circuit, reducing the fire risk. These devices are handy in residential and commercial settings where electrical fires can cause significant property damage and threaten human life. In many countries, AFCIs are required by electrical codes for new construction and major renovations.


Understanding how electrical distribution equipment works is essential for using electricity safely and responsibly in our homes and businesses. If you encounter electrical faults, contacting a certified and licensed electrician is crucial rather than attempting to fix the issue yourself. One small mistake could lead to severe consequences, such as electrical fires, which can be devastating. By relying on experienced, licensed professionals and a quality supply company like Swartz Engineering, you can get the ideal parts for high-voltage specifications. 

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