What are the 3 Types of Power Electric Supply

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In today's technologically advanced world, regulated power supplies are crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of various electronic devices and systems. Three primary types of regulated power supplies are linear, switched, and battery-based. Each type has its unique characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. We will delve deeper into these three types of power electric supply, helping you understand their applications and make informed choices.

Power Electric Supply

Linear Power Supply

Linear power supplies are widely used when precise regulation and noise elimination are paramount. Although not the most efficient power source, they offer the finest performance in terms of stability and reliability. Linear power supplies derive their name from the fact that they do not use a switch to regulate voltage output.

These power supplies have been used for years, known for their overall reliability and relatively noise-free operation. However, they have some drawbacks, such as more significant components leading to increased size, more excellent heat dissipation, and lower efficiency than switched power supplies and batteries, sometimes reaching only 50% efficiency.

Switched Power Supply

Switched mode power supplies (SMPS) are more complex in design but offer greater versatility in polarity and higher efficiency, sometimes exceeding 80%. Despite having more components, their smaller size and lower cost make them an attractive alternative to linear power supplies. One advantage of switched-mode power supplies is the reduced loss across the switch due to their higher operating frequencies.

However, SMPS can radiate noise and interfere with other circuits, necessitating interference suppression measures like shielding and adherence to layout protocols. The main benefits of a switched power supply include its small size, lightweight design, wide input voltage range, and high output range. On the downside, SMPS has complex circuitry, can pollute the AC mains, operates at high frequencies requiring interference mitigation, and is generally noisier than linear power supplies.

Battery-Based Power Supply

Battery-based power supplies are mobile energy storage units that produce negligible noise, ensuring minimal interference with electronic devices. However, they lose capacity over time and do not provide constant voltage as the batteries drain. In most laser diodes applications, batteries are considered the least efficient method of powering equipment. Matching the correct voltage to the load can be challenging, and using a battery that exceeds the driver's or controller's internal power dissipation may cause damage.

Power Electric Supply


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Selecting a Power Supply

When choosing a power supply, several factors need to be considered:

  1. The power requirements of the load or circuit, including voltage and current.
  2. Safety features, such as voltage and current limits, protect the load.
  3. Physical size and efficiency.
  4. Noise immunity of the system.


In conclusion, linear, switched, and battery-based power supplies have unique characteristics and applications. Linear power supplies are ideal for situations requiring precise regulation and minimal noise, while switched power supplies offer versatility and higher efficiency. Battery-based power supplies provide mobile energy storage with minimal noise production but may not be suitable for all applications due to their varying voltage output. Contact us for assistance choosing the proper power supply for your power distribution needs.

Power Electric Supply

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