Selecting The Best AC-DC Power Supply For Peak Load Applications

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 12/14/2020 - 16:49
Selecting The Best AC-DC Power Supply For Peak Load Applications

When peak load applications occur within any type of power system it is crucial to consider the idea of a dual rated product for individual products for your AC or DC power supply. Dual rated power supplies are becoming the norm for many companies. These types of supplies are designed for a lower-cost distribution that are smaller and lighter and it won’t compromise the reliability and performance of your products. By checking in on your thermal data and evaluating whether your system would be optimal for dual rated power supplies, you can determine if this is a system that would serve your business well. 

An AC/DC power supply system meets peak load requirements that are higher than the average power requirements for your system. Over a short period of time, you can satisfy the need for a larger and higher power consumption rate. 

Some of the most common applications for these types of power supply systems are in motors, drives, pumps, large print heads. These are regular applications for medical devices, robotics, automation, fluid, and material handling. 

The average power that is required is usually significantly lower than what is needed for peak demand in these applications. Using a power supply that has a lower continuous rating can lead to greater efficiency and then you can support the peak load with a power supply. 

Dual rated power supplies can come with a larger advantage because the supply could deliver up to 50% higher power under the fan-cooled rating. If you have a significant need for peak load application power supply, a dual rated product is often electrically rated for higher power rating, better cooling, and greater versatility for your business. 

If you’re considering one of these supplies you’ll need to make sure that the peak load will not exceed the fan-cooled rating of the power supply that you are considering. If your peak demand is exceptionally high, a dual rated product may be a requirement to handle the peak load applications under the monitoring temperatures you need to access. 

Check your thermal data and consider the average power requirement for your business, switching over to a dual supply might not only be advantageous for your energy efficiency but for the safety of your electrical systems overall. 

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