Supplying An AC-DC Power Supply From A DC Source

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 06/01/2020 - 16:47

Supplying An AC-DC Power Supply From A DC SourceOne of the most frequently asked questions that many electronic suppliers have is whether or not there is sustainability under AC/DC power supply with a DC-based source. A converter can continue to run without issue but there are some safety aspects that can be placed on any type of universal input AC/DC supply. Most typical AC/DC supplies will continue to work with a DC input but it can change the operation because there are only two of the diodes forming a bridge that will be used for power supply. A more linear power supply will have a transformer and it will not operate from the DC source to provide more consistent power.

Some of the main issues that you can face supplying an AC/DC power supply with a DC source include:

Excess Heating

AC/DC power supplies come with a power factor correction and supplying them with a DC source will mean that the AC fuses on board will not be utilized for their full safety. Not using these fuses in the power supply may not protect upstream wiring and this could lead to a massive amount of heat making its way through your electronics.


When DC units become broken it can form a gap between melted fuse wires and extend an arch that will short out the AC fuse. If the fuse is unable to clear the fault quickly, this can overheat and cause a fire hazard or a large electrical arch which remains a constant until the fuse is eliminated. One of the best ways that you could prepare for this event is having sand nearby to prevent arcing.

If you need to use DC power in an AC/DC supply it’s very important that you practice all safety approval and use a well-maintained power supply. Use caution with a DC fuse in a circuit added to your power supply and consider using normal transformer functions rather than taking the risks if you feel unsure.

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