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A power supply may need to be flexible to handle short-term applications. Sometimes, power supplies are required on construction sites or for civil contracts. When there is high electricity consumption, delivering a temporary substation or mobile station can be beneficial.

Mobile Power Substation can be swiftly deployed to restore electrical service during emergencies. They also provide the additional electrical boost needed to complete construction projects in remote locations with heavy equipment. Mobile Power Substations can power temporary equipment or offer an alternative power source during regular maintenance. They find applications in emergency services, construction projects, and temporary services during maintenance.

Mobile or Portable Power Substations: are self-contained power generation solutions. They include a transformer, cooling equipment, switchgear, metering, and protection services. These portable substations can be transported to job sites in trailers and start generating electricity immediately. While they come with the necessary equipment to produce power, they still need maintenance and monitoring. The typical setup time for such systems is around 4 hours.


Mobile Power Substation


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Applications of Swartz Mobile Substation:

A mobile substation is a self-contained unit that can be transported to remote locations and quickly connected to the electrical grid. It has various applications:

1. Providing temporary electricity for construction sites, special events, and other temporary needs.

2. Supplying power in areas affected by natural catastrophes or power outages.

3. Powering remote areas not connected to the grid.

4. Integrating renewable energy sources like wind and solar into the electrical grid.

Components of a Mobile Substation:

A mobile substation typically consists of a transformer and electrical equipment. The transformer converts high-voltage grid electricity into lower-voltage power usable in homes and businesses. Switchgear safeguards the electrical equipment while enabling the substation to connect to the grid.

These substations can be mounted on containers or trailers for easy transportation. Transport options include rail, road, or air. Installation and commissioning are quick, usually taking just a few hours.

Advantages of Mobile Power Substation:

Mobile Power Substation offers several advantages over traditional ones. They are flexible and can be rapidly deployed to meet changing requirements. In some cases, they are more cost-effective than building permanent stations.

Manufacturers of Mobile Power Substations:

Mobile Power Substation provides emergency or temporary power in areas where grid power is unavailable or damaged. Industries like oil and gas, mining, construction, and event management rely on these substations. Swartz Engineering, a leader in mobile power substation, offers reliable and customizable solutions to meet diverse needs.

With over 70 years of experience, Swartz Engineering designs and produces mobile power substations known for innovation, high-quality products, and excellent customer service. Their substations are customizable, made with high-quality components, undergo strict testing, offer fast delivery, and are backed by outstanding customer support.

Mobile Transformer Substation:

Portable power substations come in various configurations, including mobile transformer setups with rotating beds for flexibility. Trailer-mounted switchgear can be placed on trucks, featuring low-voltage and high-voltage switchgear for transformer protection. Different voltages and ratings are available based on trailer size to power various projects.

When situating a substation, factors like temporary fencing and electrical clearances need consideration. Having a connection chart for all transformers helps with emergency response and shutdowns.

Enhancing Grid Resilience with Mobile Power Substation:

North American utilities prioritize reliability, requiring equipment to support the grid during emergencies or planned outages. To build a resilient system minimizing interruptions, proactive measures are crucial.

Leveraging their high-voltage expertise, Swartz Engineering designs Mobile Power substations that cater to individual customer needs. These mobile solutions offer cost savings, quicker restoration times, operational flexibility, and adaptability to multiple locations.



Mobile Power Substation


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Partnerships and Applications:

Swartz Engineering collaborates with ISO-certified transformer manufacturers to design and retrofit Mobile Power Substation, equipping them with Swartz Engineering switchgear. Their products can handle up to 65 MVA 230 kV and meet utility requirements.

Mobile Power Substation find use in various scenarios:

-Emergency Power Outage: Moving and reconnecting substations during malfunctions.

-Outage due to Planned Maintenance: Supplying power during equipment upgrades or preventive maintenance.

-Grid-Unconnected Remote Areas: Temporary power supply for remote locations.

-Moving Load: Essential for mining and military camps.

- Testing Distributed Generation: Assessing grid network performance and reliability.

Electrical System and Protection Solutions:

Mobile trailer electrical protection solutions vary; Swartz Engineering offers protection solutions for regulators, capacitor banks, and transformers. They collaborate with customers to incorporate preferred brands and ensure neat wiring and third-party testing for equipment performance.

High-Quality Custom Designs:

Swartz Engineering produces superior-quality custom-built mobile power substations complying with federal and state highway laws. Their technical design team tailors solutions to customer needs, emphasizing safety, functionality, and user-friendliness. Mobile power substations are manufactured and tested in their state-of-the-art facility, and the company offers a dedicated field service team for training, startup, and maintenance.

Portable Electrical Substations:

As the demand for flexible power distribution grows, mobile electrical substations offer mobility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. These units are crucial for various industries and emergencies. Swartz Engineering's portable substations, backed by decades of experience, provide indispensable solutions.

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