High Voltage Power Supply Explained

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A high voltage power supply is a specialized electrical device that produces voltages usually above 1,000V. These devices are used to accelerate particles to perform a type of analysis, or with higher-power devices, to manipulate material.

Swartz Engineering has a wide range of high voltage solutions with capabilities up to 500kV and output power as high as 600kW. To achieve high voltage design goals, our customers rely on the accuracy, reliability, and quality of our global manufacturing and design facilities, technical assistance, and extensive testing and validation processes. Our standard, modified, and custom solutions will meet your design requirements and help you achieve success in your critical applications.


High Voltage Power Supply


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High Voltage Power Supplies Are Used For What?

High voltage is essential for a wide range of specialized uses to study and advance the world, whether it is through pharmaceutical research, modern manufacturing techniques or investigation.

High voltage is required in higher power systems such as electron beam welding, additive manufacture, lithography, and ion implants to manipulate electrons and ions to change the composition of the final sample. High voltage is used in lower-power systems, such as scanning electron microscopes and mass spectrometry, to generate, filter, and accelerate ions and electrons.

How Does A High Voltage Power Supply Function?

The primary side of a conventional high voltage converter is a DC voltage that has been created by rectification, filtering, and a conventional power supply. The control circuit and high-frequency switches convert this DC voltage into a high-frequency AC voltage before it is stepped up by a high voltage converter. The transformer then outputs a voltage which is then multiplied by several stages, depending on the output kV required.

Your power supply topology will be different depending on the voltage, power, and stability requirements that you specify. It may be necessary to have better feedback loops in order to achieve tighter control over the output voltages, currents, and filtering.


High Voltage Power Supply



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What Is The Difference Between High Voltage And Low-Voltage Power Supplies?

high voltage power supply units are usually more complex than low-voltage units and include components such as high voltage magnetics, voltage multipliers, and sophisticated regulation circuits. They also maintain and control high-stability performance outputs.

Low voltage power supply is used for small devices such as personal electronic devices or appliances that do not require a high power input. Low voltage power is safer and cheaper to produce than high voltage.

Is High Voltage Electricity Dangerous?

Contact with high voltages that are able to deliver enough energy can cause serious injury or even death. high voltage power supplies are designed to prevent injury, protect equipment and avoid fires.

To protect the equipment as well as the operator, it is necessary to use overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and isolation methods. A high voltage power supply must be purchased from a trusted source.

How Can I Select The Best High Voltage Power Supply For My Needs?

The power and voltage you require for your application will determine the choice. Applications such as electroporation and mass spectrometry, or using an electrostatic chuck, require less power, while e-beam welds, additive manufacturing, etc., require more power.

You will then need to decide your ripple requirements based on your application. For performance applications, such as mass spectrometry or SEM, ripple control is much more important. However, ripple has less importance for capacitor charging. In this case, a faster rise time and faster decay are more important.


High Voltage Power Supply


The ultimate solution for reliable power control! call us at 276-285-3841


High voltage power supplies are essential tools for a wide range of specialized applications, from advanced research and manufacturing to critical analysis. Swartz Engineering offers a diverse range of high voltage solutions, showcasing their commitment to accuracy, reliability, and quality in global manufacturing and design. The utilization of high voltage varies, from electron beam welding to scanning electron microscopes, with each application demanding specific power levels and voltage stability. While high voltage power supplies can be complex, they are designed to ensure safety and equipment protection. When selecting a high voltage power supply, it is crucial to match the power and voltage requirements of your application and consider ripple control based on specific performance needs. Overall, a well-informed choice of a high voltage power supply is essential to achieve success in critical applications and experiments while ensuring safety and reliability.

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