An E House Substation that Ushers in New Technology

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Prefabricated E-house (HV/LV) substations are a key focus for Swartz Engineering, addressing various industries' needs, including PV or wind farm boxes, shore connections, data centers, and distribution substations in challenging environments. However, existing standards are limited, and navigating complex local regulations is a challenge.

E House Substation




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Benefits of E-houses:

E-houses, with their pre-engineered design, offer cost reduction, faster construction times, improved safety, and scalability. They optimize energy efficiency, enhance system performance, and have become a popular choice across industries.

Innovative E-house Solution:

Swartz Engineering has developed a modular E-house using interlocking metal panels covered with sandwich panel technology. Rigorously tested against the requirements of 28 countries, the design ensures structural stability, fire resistance, and compliance with safety codes.

Global Design, Local Production:

Adhering to a global design philosophy, Swartz Engineering produces E-houses locally, complying with regulations on four continents. A customization tool based on a vast steel member database allows local engineers to choose components tailored to their specific criteria.

Functional Analysis and Type Tests:

Swartz Engineering employs functional analysis to identify safety and reliability concerns, demonstrating their technology's efficacy through type tests. This approach surpasses product-oriented standards, aligning with diverse customer applications.

E House Substation



The ultimate solution for reliable power control! call us at 276-285-3841

Contributions to Substation Uptime:

Swartz Engineering is confident that their HV and LV E-house solutions significantly contribute to substation uptime, with positive results already observed.


Swartz Engineering's innovative approach to E-house substations addresses the critical challenges faced by various industries, offering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond existing standards. By recognizing the deficiencies in current standards and regulations, Swartz Engineering has designed a modular and globally adaptable E-house that not only meets stringent safety and reliability criteria but also enhances the efficiency and performance of electrical systems.

The emphasis on local production aligned with global design principles ensures compliance with diverse regulations on different continents, showcasing Swartz Engineering's commitment to delivering reliable solutions tailored to regional needs. The customization tool, drawing from a vast steel member database, empowers local engineers to optimize E-house components based on specific criteria, further enhancing flexibility and scalability.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electrical applications, Swartz Engineering stands as a leader, providing a reliable, efficient, and globally adaptable solution that meets the diverse needs of industries worldwide. As the demand for E-house substations continues to grow, Swartz Engineering's commitment to innovation and customer-centric design positions them as a key player in shaping the future of electrical infrastructure.

E House Substation



The ultimate solution for reliable power control! call us at 276-285-3841

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