The Value of E-House in Mining Industry

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Becker portable substations are available for use anywhere. Customers need reliable power supplies. Power demand must be met without interruption, no matter how tight construction schedules or operating restrictions are. Becker Global America has your reliable solution. The portable substations are designed to provide a safe, reliable connection in even the most difficult environments. "Plug and Play", medium and high voltage substations are easily transported in trailers, semitrailers, or even inside a shelter as an "E House". Each module includes all the components needed to build a complete substation. Included are power transformers, GIS and AIS switchgear, MV cables, control systems, and protection systems. These modules have been factory-tested and can be installed on-site. This design offers maximum flexibility, high reliability, and a high return on investment.

E-House in Mining Industry



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Portable Substations: Applications

Mobile substations are gaining popularity in many industries because of their flexibility and adaptability. These self-contained units can be used for a variety of purposes, including temporary power solutions, backup systems, and rapid deployment.

Construction and Infrastructure Projects

Construction sites require temporary power solutions for operations like lighting, heavy machinery, and power tools. Portable substations are a great way to distribute power efficiently across the site. The substations can be moved easily as the project develops to ensure a continuous supply of power at various stages and locations. Portable substations reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming permanent electrical infrastructure.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Drilling Sites

Portable substations are essential for providing temporary power in remote oil and gas exploration or drilling sites. In these sites, there is often no permanent electrical infrastructure. Therefore, it's important to have portable power units that can be transported and easily installed. Portable substations provide reliable operation for pumps, motors, and lighting. They also enable seamless exploration and extraction. They are essential for oil and gas operations that take place in difficult environments.

Emergency Power Backup

Portable substations can be used as backup power during power outages, disasters, or planned maintenance. This ensures the continuity of critical services. They can replace the primary supply quickly, reducing downtime and impacting essential operations. The substations are strategically placed to restore power at hospitals, data centers, telecommunication centers, and other infrastructures that require uninterrupted electricity. They can be quickly deployed in emergency situations, helping to recover from disasters.


E-House in Mining Industry


The ultimate solution for reliable power control! call us at 276-285-3841

Locations that are Off-Grid and Remote

Portable substations are essential in remote locations or places where there is no permanent electrical infrastructure. They are a reliable solution for powering mining operations, industrial sites in remote locations, construction camps, and military bases. Portable substations are easily transported to remote locations and can be quickly set up to meet specific power requirements. These substations allow for efficient power distribution and improve productivity while also providing a comfortable working environment.

Infrastructure Upgrades and Maintenance

Portable substations can be used to provide temporary power during infrastructure upgrades and maintenance projects. Installed to replace existing power sources while maintenance is carried out, portable substations can provide a temporary solution. It eliminates the requirement for shutdowns and enables continuous power distribution for critical loads. Portable substations allow seamless transitions between primary and backup systems, minimizing disruptions and ensuring operational continuity.


- Very little space needed

- Minimum interface management

- Installations are fast and require minimal work on-site

- Easy to relocate and expand

- Resistant to harsh environments

- Reduced maintenance costs

- Environment-friendly


E-House in Mining Industry


The ultimate solution for reliable power control! call us at 276-285-3841

Portable power solutions for every occasion

- Custom designed and engineered

- Homogeneous communication structures

- Transmission and Transformation

- Automating and interconnecting substations

- Maximum 230kVA up to 50MVA

- Vacuum and air circuit breakers

- Relay control panels


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