Revolutionizing The Role Of The Engineer With Smart Technology

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 12/27/2023 - 15:26

Smart design and engineering have ushered in a transformative era for the industrial automation industry, providing businesses with tools to enhance efficiency, achieve cost savings, and elevate overall performance. At Swartz Engineering, we recognize the critical role of leveraging cutting-edge digital technology to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Our software stands as a testament to our dedication to smart design and engineering, enabling the virtual construction and simulation of a comprehensive architecture before project quoting. This functionality ensures more accurate proposals and instills greater confidence that the envisioned outcomes will seamlessly materialize in the real world.

Smart Technology



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Our latest software iteration introduces cloud-based accessibility and real-time collaboration, fostering teamwork among project teams irrespective of geographical constraints. Furthermore, the engineering work executed during the proposal phase seamlessly integrates into automation design tools, yielding time and cost savings during post-sale execution.

As the project implementation phase unfolds, the advantages of smart design and engineering become even more evident, manifesting in three key areas: efficient engineering, enhanced commissioning, and lifecycle management.

Efficient Engineering Is Rooted In Standardization

Minimizing the need for bespoke solutions and reducing infrastructure costs. This approach streamlines designs, cuts down on the number of components, and curtails the generation of excessive documentation. Standard solutions and customizable software can collectively lead to substantial savings of 30-40% in engineering, commissioning, and hardware costs, fostering trust with suppliers and contractors.

Digital Tools

Enhanced commissioning involves the adept use of digital tools to integrate and commission operations swiftly. Virtual commissioning allows for rigorous testing and validation of designs before physical implementation, resulting in noteworthy project efficiencies and over 100% improvement in control software quality. The adoption of such techniques can also slash commissioning time by up to 75% compared to traditional methods.

Lifecycle management extends digital design techniques into the operational phase, intertwining digital product design with process design to enhance manufacturability. Real-time digital collaboration with external suppliers during design and production ramp-up further augments efficiency. Leveraging digital techniques for product design, simulation, and partner collaboration can yield up to a 36% reduction in design time.


Smart Technology


The ultimate solution for reliable power control! call us at 276-285-3841

Harnessing Smart Design and Engineering

At Swartz Engineering, our unwavering commitment is to harness smart design and engineering to empower our customers with greater efficiency, cost savings, and improved performance. Our software-centric approach allows for the swift piloting of processes or techniques in one location, facilitating their rapid deployment to other sites. This streamlined methodology significantly reduces the time spent on integrating and testing control software for each site, providing us with the agility and creativity needed for project success.

We take pride in offering solutions that contribute to our customers' efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, aligning with global energy and climate goals. Embracing smart design and engineering allows us to redefine the role of the industrial automation engineer and enables businesses to reach their objectives with unparalleled efficiency. In this era of innovation, we remain committed to revolutionizing industrial automation and helping businesses thrive in a dynamic and sustainable future.

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