DC Circuit Breakers for Traction Power System

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For traction applications such as trams and railways, reliable power supply systems are needed that can handle the high demands for speed, acceleration, and braking. DC circuit breakers, which protect and control electrical equipment and circuits, are integral components of these systems. DC circuit breakers interrupt high voltages and currents in DC systems. This poses a different challenge than AC systems. This article will explain the DC circuit breakers, their importance for traction applications, and how they can contribute to safety, reliability, and sustainability.

DC Circuit Breakers for Traction Power System



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What is the DC Circuit Breaker?

DC circuit breakers can be used to switch the current flow of a DC circuit on and off. The circuit breakers have two functions: they protect the circuit against overcurrent faults, short circuit faults, and isolate the circuit for emergency or maintenance purposes. DC circuit breakers are made up of two parts: an arc-extinguishing element and a switching element.

Switching elements are usually mechanical contactors or semiconductor switches, such as IGBTs or IGCTs, which can quickly open and close a circuit. The arc-extinguishing device is designed to quench an electric arc formed when contacts separate. This arc could damage the contacts or the circuit. The arc-extinguishing device can be either a gas-filled or vacuum chamber.

The type of switch and arc-extinguishing element used will determine the operation of a DC Circuit Breaker. A mechanical contactor that has a vacuum chamber, for example, can be operated as follows:

  • When the circuit breaker closes, the contactor allows current to flow by connecting the circuit with the power source.
  • The contactor interrupts current flow when the circuit breaker detects faults or receives an open command.
  • Due to the high voltages and currents in the circuit, an electric arc is formed between the contacts as they separate.
  • The arc will be drawn into a vacuum chamber where the metal walls and absence of air will quickly cool and extinguish it.
  • The circuit breaker has now been opened, and the circuit is now isolated from the source of power.

Why is it important to use DC Circuit Breakers for Traction Power System?

For several reasons, DC circuit breakers for traction applications are necessary.

These devices protect electrical equipment and circuits against damage and fires caused by short-circuit and overcurrent faults. These faults may occur for a variety of reasons such as wear and tear, corrosion, or external factors such as lightning or vandalism.

The safety of passengers and personnel is ensured by isolating the damaged or faulty parts of the circuits from the rest. It prevents the fault from spreading and reduces the risk of electrocution or electric shock.

The power supply can be controlled and coordinated by turning on and off different sections of a circuit according to operational requirements. They can, for example, disconnect the power from a section that isn't in use or connect it with a backup source of power in the event of a power failure.

By reducing harmonics and losses in the DC circuit, they improve the performance and efficiency of the power supply. The DC circuit breakers also allow for fast and smooth switching of the traction motors. This improves vehicle speed, acceleration, and braking.


DC Circuit Breakers for Traction Power System


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What Are The Benefits Of Dc Circuit Breakers In Terms Of Safety, Reliability, And Sustainability?

DC circuit breakers are used to improve safety, reliability, and sustainability in traction applications.

Reduce the environmental impact by minimizing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. DC circuit breakers are also able to facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources such as wind or solar into the power system. This reduces dependence on fossil fuels while increasing the diversity of energy.

By ensuring that the power supply is stable and continuous, the customer will be more satisfied. By reducing the maintenance and downtime of the power supply, DC circuit breakers also help to reduce costs and the amount of time that the system is unavailable.

Supporting innovation and competitiveness in the railway industry through advanced and customized power supply solutions. DC circuit breakers are also able to adapt to changing requirements and needs of traction applications such as increased speed, power, and voltage.


DC circuit breakers provide power for applications that require traction. DC circuit breakers protect and control the electrical equipment and systems in DC systems. DC systems are more complex and challenging than AC systems. DC circuit breakers ensure the safety, reliability, and sustainability of the power supply and vehicles when used in traction applications. Swartz Engineering is the leading supplier of DC circuit breakers, power electronics components, and other components for traction applications. Please contact us to learn more about our products.


DC Circuit Breakers for Traction Power System


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