What is a Ground Relay?

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 06/22/2020 - 21:10

What is a Ground Relay?

What is a Ground Relay?Ground relays are designed to provide dual functions as well as a high resistance ground for any type of DC switchgear. This type of relay is designed to protect the equipment as well as various enclosures across locomotives. The device will also alert personnel to hot and ground conditions in DC switchgear as well as alert rectifying devices. High resistance relays provide a superior level of performance and improved operational reliability through components that are built with a rugged level of construction. The device also comes with solid-state components for faster functions as well as self-diagnostic features that can prevent errors in reporting.

Some of the main features of a ground relay include a drawn-out construction and LED meter for accurate and easy to read voltage levels. The transient surge protection as well as the detection in AC or DC hot structure faults leads to improvements in operational reliability.

An internal power supply ensures that the device can operate even in extreme conditions and with auto compensation for a wide range of DC inputs. Our high resistant structure relay is designed with DC structure and rectifiers that can become grounded through breaches even throughout insulation. The enunciation will occur when voltage sensing technology activates the trip system passing the ground or when the relay introduces a self-diagnostic feature.

The overall system can determine when an internal failure has occurred and the relay will continue to alert personnel when leakage in fault occurs between the structure and bus. The output is often connected through a lockout and the relay will automatically de-energize the entire station when hot structure functions are detected. DC and AC leakages and faults can be detected very early on in the hot structure trip and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your industry. Test buttons are also integrated into the ground structure to make sure that hot structure trips can be adjusted and appropriately tested over time. Managing lockout conditions and providing continuous operation through the device is verified with maintenance tools.

If you would like to learn more about ground relay specifications or about our relay, contact us today and see how it could benefit your business. We can discuss how these items can improve the reliability of your business and maximize your efficiency!