Portable Substations For Your Business By Swartz Engineering

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 12/27/2021 - 15:04

Portable Substations For Your Business By Swartz EngineeringPortable substations built by our team are known for being highly reliable. We can meet your demands for power as well as ensure that you are able to have power at your fingertips even with short notice. Power demand needs to be met accordingly and we can make sure that you have the tools to manage any type of power disruption. Even with a tight timeframe for construction, we can build a quality result for your portable substation and offer a reliable form of grid connection that fits the most demanding environments on earth. 

Our Portable substations are built for your business and with the goal in mind of creating a plug and play solution for a power outage. Our substations can scale to include a medium voltage or fully mobile power solution. E houses can be placed on site or the entire system can be placed on a shelter system for easier use with your business. 

The modules on board contain all the components required for a substation build inducing the AIS or GIS switchgear, MV cables, protection systems and AC/DC power supplies. These are options which are all factory tested and designed to be connected with your grid on site. The design ensures a complete factory testing and a flexibility for reliability on site. Maintaining your return on investment in the system can be managed easily and the design that we have in place ensures that you can have a highly reliable form of power generation for your investment. 

The main benefits of a portable substation includes a power generation solution that requires very little space and a system that can work with minimum interference from other power components or backups. The short installation process and the ease of use for the system ensures easy expansion or relocation. The rugged build on the components also ensures that there can be reduced maintenance and an environmentally friendly build that does not affect the surrounding area. 

All of our portable substations are custom engineered and designed for excellence in communication structures. The transmission and transformation of power is easy here with an interconnection and automation level which is unfounded. The air and vacuum circuit breakers are a great solution for each mounted E house and these are industry proven power designs that can work for oil and gas, power and mining options. Our portable power solutions are designed to be a smart investment and an excellent way that you can provide time savings and cost savings in the future. If you want to lower your risk profile and enjoy a better option for your portable substation, consider using our team today. We can help you build the perfect e house and portable substation design to suit the needs of your industry. Contact us today to learn more!