Mobile Substation: Portable Substation and Mobile Transformer

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 01/17/2022 - 12:24

Portable Substation and Mobile TransformerMobile substations and mobile transformers are devices that can be used to supply power on a temporary basis. These items are a common choice in construction as well as in areas where there is a greater load of electricity needed on a job site. Mobile substations are required when there is a lack of space for outdoor substations or to accommodate a space for construction work. These mobile substations are commonly used to restore electrical service during an outage and they can be used as a permanent solution on construction facilities. These items can be used as an alternative power service during regular maintenance in facilities and they can be on hand for an emergency backup generator during a natural disaster or shutdown. 

Mobile substations are useful investments for their emergency services, temporary services and more. Through the mobile substation and portable substation it is possible to roll in a mobile power solution including the transformer, cooling equipment, switchgear, protection relays and more that will help your business to operate with uninterrupted power. The cable connections and all that is required in the DC aux power supply can be managed with the solution. 

Descriptions of a mobile substation:

Mobile substations are fully equipped and designed with power system equipment that can be easily moved from one facility to another. The overall height and requirements for one of these substations is designed to meet all federal and state regulations. The goal of the substation is to maintain a compact criteria and with full parameters on the substation. The set up time during an emergency condition is around 4 hours and the designs of the substation ensure that it can be made to suit any location.

Portable substations are often mounted on trailers and the power generation tools are set out on a 360 degree bed. The bed solution will help with positioning and bushing the power line with an easy minimum setup. The transformer will only rotate through the trailer mounted system and the configuration can be managed based on the size of the trailer and the voltage that is required to operate equipment. 

Mobile transformers are installed on top of a mobile substation and this ensures the structure can be installed in a congested area with ease. Temporary fencing and other solutions will ensure that multiple voltage transformers can be set up. Mobile transformers can be designed to suit the needs of any type of mobile substation. 

The rating system for mobile transformers and their assorted equipment will ensure the mobility for the substation. 20 MVA mobile substations are often a rating delivered for smaller style substations. Choosing a lower rated station may leave you short in the chance that you might require new substation solutions for a job site or other locations. 

If you are interested in learning more about mobile substations and transformers, contact our staff members today and we can teach you more about building quality substations and portable transformers for your future considerations.