Metal Oxide Surge Arrestors: An Overview

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 10/21/2021 - 17:55

Metal Oxide Surge Arrestors An OverviewMetal oxide surge arrestors are devices that are crucial for transit systems and in industrial and mining operations. These devices are designed to be mounted on a metal cap area and pointed upwards to provide a barrier against power surge transmission. These items are often placed along with a substation, DC feeder, or catenary pole. When fed into the power rail or placed on a vehicle these are devices that can protect the most crucial electronic components in any type of rail system or in instances like a trolley. The unit needs to be mounted closest possible to the device that is going to protect and with the craftsmanship that we put into these devices, you can make sure that the area will be able to maintain a continuous operating voltage when grounded appropriately. The selection of the arrestor can be done to meet the needs of your power consumption and to provide you with the appropriate level of grounding that's required to keep your items safe. 

Our metal oxide surge arrestors are designed to utilize a metal oxide technology that has been proven for power solutions over many years. Our devices work with intermediate class arrestors and they are designed to operate at temperatures that do not exceed 60°C. The arrestor housing is manufactured with an improved level of impact resistance, a UV stabilized polyester glass compound. The elements in the interior of this device can be well protected and the unit gets sealed off with a stainless steel cap to prevent ongoing corrosion.

Metal Oxide surge arrestors are an absolute requirement for specific industries and if you're looking for a supplier that can deliver some of the best in quality arrestors to suit your heavy electric need, we can design the ideal type of connector to keep your systems at their safest. 

A mounting system can be manufactured into the device and provide a discharge capacity of 2.6 kJ or kilovolt for current less than 500 A. We can combine together a series of arrestors to properly ground the area and deliver the levels of protection that your business operations may require. If you would like to learn more about our quality arrestor designs, contact us today to learn more. We can design arrestors to properly manage your electronic devices and keep your business running in its day-to-day. Contact us now to start the design process.