How a Portable Substation Can Help Your Business

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 07/30/2021 - 16:32

How a Portable Substation Can Help Your BusinessMany business owners can never get enough power to keep their business going, and they often find themselves faced with the decision to close down or power by generators, which can be costly. The solution for this problem is a portable substation, which is an alternative to a regular utility-sized substation.

One of the main benefits of having a portable substation is that it can be transported and set up swiftly. This makes it possible for an entire company to have a constant power supply during an electrical outage, power surge, or when a business moves into a new location.

Another benefit is that portable substations are much cheaper than utility-sized ones, so they're ideal for businesses that can't afford their regular-sized counterparts. And, like utility-sized units, they can deliver industrial-grade power to even the largest companies.

This makes them an ideal option for power-hungry businesses, such as construction, manufacturing, mining, and even agriculture.

The portable substations are designed to be connected to the utility grid and work in the same way a permanent one does. However, it can also deliver power if there is no connection. It can continue to function even during power outages since they're designed to store energy.

These businesses will often need the services of a portable substation company that has experience installing units for commercial, industrial and agricultural use. Only a company with years of experience installing and setting up these units can be trusted to have all the equipment and expertise to deliver power most effectively so that your business or farm isn't affected by power outages.

Some of the benefits that you will receive from installing a portable substation are:

When you have power problems, your business can be running as usual. This means that your employees can still do their jobs, which can be dangerous for them if they cannot get the power to start up and run machinery. It is the business owner's responsibility to make sure that this will happen, even if it means setting up a portable substation at home or by renting it from a provider.

You will have much more power and need less of it. Power outages can have a massive impact on your business's potential, so having enough power is crucial. If you don't need the current power output, you won't need to buy more.

Your business will be able to run in rare cases when the utility company goes down, or there is a technical disruption in the grid (such as an electrical outage). The reason that this happens is that the portable substation can continue to provide power in case the utility never connects up again or an electrical disruption occurs.

You will also be able to store more electricity on-site, which will mean that you won't need to buy as much at peak times when your business is working 24/7.

If you're looking for a portable substation, call SWRTZ ENGINEERING today. They can help you get your business back up and running after an electrical outage or power failure as soon as possible.