High Performance MVIS SL Slime Line Contractor

Submitted by Kristian on Tue, 04/26/2022 - 02:30

High Performance MVIS SL Slime Line ContractorThe high-performance MVIS SL slim line contractor from Swartz is one of the best safety devices in the industry. These current transducers are required items for safety in this industry and getting access to a product with a better build quality can produce a rugged level of protection for your business. 


MVIS SL slime line Contractors explained:


The MVIS SL is a slimline contractor that has the highest possible construction standards. This is a tool that is high-performance and arc-resistant for use in a wide range of settings and provides optimum remote operations.


Using this equipment may result in better safety on the job site. The MVIS SL motor cell improves the overall efficiency and safety of electronic systems, as well as the safety of those who operate them.


The main advantages of using this high-performance slimline contractor are: 


1) The build quality is much higher, resulting in a more rugged and durable product that will last longer and provide better protection.


2) The arc-resistant feature is critical for safety in a wide range of settings, including those where electrical equipment is being operated.


3) The remote operation capability provides an added level of convenience and safety for those who are operating the equipment.


4) The overall efficiency of the electronic systems is improved, resulting in better safety for all involved.


The lower weight power components, automatic insulating shutter, and deadbolt front safety interlock make this device easy to install and a great choice for ongoing monitoring. The design and coverage offer support for voltage up to 7200V in the top-end design. Quick pin release for the contractor bucket ensures easy maintenance and installation as well. No tools are required for servicing and minimal involvement is needed to service the device remotely. It can be installed by two workers in just five minutes. The tamper-proof door locking provision and visible line terminal disconnect are great safety features that Swartz offers with this product. 


The remote operation helps prevent injury and promotes safety on the job. Additionally, the MVIS SL is arc-resistant, making it a great choice for both safety and efficiency.  The tamper-proof entry and enclosed design help to contain arc flash damage to equipment, making the MVIS SL a great choice for any workspace. 


The mechanical components on this device are solid and built to last. The gasketed front design and 5/16 bolts make the MVIS SL resistant to corrosion and wear. Additionally, the ventilated top cover prevents overheating and keeps the internal components free of debris. The Visible Line terminal disconnect can prevent issues in an emergency shutdown and lead to easy disconnection on the device. 


The device is a natural choice for both safety and efficiency. The MVIS SL slim line contractor from Swartz is an excellent choice for businesses that want to improve their electrical operations and safeguard their employees at the same time. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this top-of-the-line product. We can show you how to improve your safety and tune this device to the needs of your business