Watt Transducer In The Rail Industry

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 09/16/2022 - 16:38

Watt Transducer In The Rail IndustryThe Swartz watt transducer is an essential piece of equipment for the rail industry. It is a high-performance, solid-state unit that is specifically developed to meet the requirements for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The transducer is ruggedly constructed for the transit substation environment and operates from DC "housekeeping" battery supplies without the use of separate AC inverters. This makes it an ideal solution for applications where space is at a premium and/or where AC power is not available.


The Swartz watt transducer has several benefits for the rail sector, including its excellent performance, durable construction, and simple use. Its high performance ensures that it can correctly measure DC power levels in transit stations. This information can be used by SCADA systems to monitor and regulate the substation environment. The sledgehammer-style transducer is designed to withstand the elements and operate with little training, making it an excellent choice for transit substations that are subject to harsh weather. Solid state design ensures that there are no moving parts to wear out, making the Swartz watt transducer a low-maintenance solution that will provide years of reliable service.


Having equipment like this in heavy rail is essential to maintaining operating standards, operator safety, and the safety of the public as well. These solutions can quickly improve the power generation standards on any rail line and offer a much-needed update to an aging infrastructure. With easy integration, mounting, and maintenance support, these are versatile additions to any transit system.


Mounting the transducer can be accomplished in any orientation on a flat surface with the provided flanged base. Electrical connection to the transducer is made via screw terminal barrier strips. "Gain" and "Zero" adjustment trim pots are located on the top cover for calibration or for setting intentional offsets. The high voltage section multiplies the voltage and current inputs for the greatest level of accuracy. The watts output is sent to a full-wave FET chopper, which isolates high voltage between feeder circuits and current loop output. The output of the transducer is bipolar, which allows for easy connection to standard 4-20mA current loops. With easy housekeeping battery supply and rugged construction, the Swartz watt transducer is an ideal solution for transit or freight line solutions.


Over range capabilities and the magnetic link design make these transducers some of the best to integrate into your power generation system. If you are looking for an update to an old standard or a way to improve the safety and efficiency of your transit operations, consider the .


Overall, the Swartz watt transducer is an excellent solution for the rail industry, offering accurate monitoring of DC power levels, rugged construction, and easy operation. If you are interested in building a custom watt transducer for your rail business, we can create these tools for you. Our team of experts can work with you to create a transducer that meets your specific needs, ensuring that your business has the best possible solution for monitoring power levels. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your rail business to the next level.