Swartz Type 64r High Resistance Structure Ground Relays

Submitted by Kristian on Tue, 12/20/2022 - 09:24
High resistance structure ground relays


Ground relays are common for use in underground mining and heavy equipment industries. The SWARTZ Type 64r is an industry-leading high-resistance ground relay. This unique, solid-state design provides both safety and reliability for DC switchgear and rectifier applications that require a low-voltage solution. The Type 64r Ground Relay monitors the potential difference of the ground bus against all other connected points in the system. This level of protection ensures that staff and equipment can remain safe and free of potential damage or destruction.

The relay is designed with a self-diagnostic feature that will alert staff in the event of any faults or changes to the system so that they can take appropriate action as soon as possible. Additionally, this advanced monitoring technology also helps to detect ground faults and ultimately reduces maintenance costs associated with traditional relays. The SWARTZ Type 64r Ground Relay is an ideal option for industries requiring a cost-effective and reliable protection system that can help increase safety and reduce long-term maintenance costs. The strength of our equipment is unmatched for its durability. 

The advantages of this system for your mining site:

The SWARTZ Type 64r Ground Relay offers several advantages to your mining productivity, including an LED screen for easy monitoring, self-diagnostic abilities to avoid potential faults early on, and enhanced safety features. Additionally, this relay is solid-state which requires less space than traditional relays. From its rugged construction to its reliable performance, the Type 64r Ground Relay is the perfect choice for a safe, effective and cost-efficient solution. 

The relay can detect both AC and DC hot fault conditions. It also has a time-delay feature, adjustable from 0.5 to 10 seconds. This allows it to be used in heavier duty applications such as those found in mining and industrial sites. The relay is also equipped with a self-calibration system so that it can accurately detect potential differences along the electrical lines and shut down high-powered systems in an emergency.

Testing buttons on both the ground structure and hot structure ensure the device is working accurately and can be tested manually in the event of an emergency. This allows personnel to check and verify the system is working before going into a potentially dangerous environment.

Internal time delays also prevent nuisance tripping and the relay is rated for use at high and low temperatures making it perfect for any mining site. Through the elimination of potential errors, the device can act as an incredible asset in mining operations and will not be tripped by mistake. We have implemented solutions to keep your business from experiencing further downtime. 

The safety that it provides, along with its long-term cost savings benefits make this the ideal choice for any mining operation. Investing in SWARTZ Type 64r Ground Relay is a smart move that will help you achieve increased safety and operational efficiency in your mine site. Contact Swartz Engineering today if you need assistance with choosing the right ground relay for your needs. We can create the perfect solution to suit your company and the needs of your heavy electrical equipment.