Why Power Control Rooms Are Used In The Railroad Industry?

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 12/17/2020 - 20:08

Why Power Control Rooms Are Used In The Railroad Industry?Power control rooms are an essential aspect of the railroad industry. The latest in power control rooms are built to withstand some of the most challenging environments that electronic equipment may face worldwide. Eliminating the risk of potential corrosion, interaction with dust and debris or added heat can be essential to maintaining uptime with any type of railroad. The roof, wall, and ceiling panels in these control rooms are designed in such a way that they are interlocked. The interlocking procedure for the control rooms and extra strength and integrity to the entire system and ensures that a massive amount of force can be placed on the enclosure. The structural strength and enclosure weight is improved and the exterior panels are constructed with Stainless or galvanized steel. 

The galvanized steel construction ensures that there is far less of a chance for corrosion. The interior is a static powder coat finish that minimizes the chance for electrical interference and other potential problems. 

Without a power control room, a large degree of electrical components throughout a railroad would remain completely exposed to the elements. Leaving these items exposed to the elements can generate many variables for the future. As well as exposing equipment, it is possible that the system could collect dust, rust and corrode, and more. Our control rooms in the railroad industry will protect these vital components and make sure that these products can continue to work unhindered. Without these types of power control rooms, there would not be a central base of operations with protection for vital components or the chance for these components to operate in hostile environments. As many types of railroads will need to operate through extreme heat, snow, wind, and weather conditions, having switches in place locally that are also protected can reduce service times and interruptions across the line.

Having control rooms that are customized to the needs of every railway line can make sure that all essential components can be housed in a local environment. Rather than having a central storage location, it is possible to produce a power control room system that is accessible to local technicians and even locomotive engineers that could quickly assess and improve the problem. 

If you are interested in learning more about control rooms for the railroad industry, contact us today. We are a team that can assess your needs and then produce a power control room that is suitable for your railway line.