What is a Type 150DC Rate of Rise Relay

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 10/09/2020 - 17:53

What is a Type 150DC Rate of Rise Relay

What is a Type 150DC Rate of Rise RelayThe type 150 DC Rate of Rise Relay is a monitor that is produced with an overcurrent relay and designed for negative or positive conductors for DC power distribution. This DC relay works for a variety of power distribution networks. As a stand alone relay, it can work by itself or in conjunction with a type 82 automatic recloser relay device. The device is designed to automatically close into the fold as well as reclose to continue service. The unique channel for the rate of rise will detect arcing faults within the system and make sure that they can be instantaneously removed for overcurrent relay support. The relay is calibrated in a millivolt style and the relay is compatible with any shunt system. The collaboration components in the system ensure that field calibration can be adjusted and the current settings can be monitored and changed as they are required. 

The draw-out construction and detector channel make this a simple solution for preset slopes and they can include Delta I display and timing. The internal supply for the device will operate at a range of DC inputs and provide support for negative and positive conductors. 

The isolated current monitor with overcurrent display is an excellent support and safety item for improving any job site or for maximizing results with a locomotive. The device can prevent faults and with the rate of rising controls, provide solutions for ongoing fault monitoring. 

The control systems are very simple, they are built for a no fault design, as well as an ongoing rise check for the future. Easy setup and calibration through the controls make sure that this is a plug and play design. You can have it set up and monitoring quite quickly. 

The internal power supply ensures a hearty backup and that the device can operate even during power spikes and interruptions. With an unmeasured accuracy as well as simple settings for engineers in the field, this is a product that will act as a massive benefit for your job site and for your future safety. 

If you are interested in a unique overcurrent display for your business consider the option for this quality engineering item for passenger safety or the safety of your customers. Contact us today to learn more!