What is A MVIS SL Slim Line Contactor

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 16:31

What is A MVIS SL Slim Line Contactor

What is A MVIS SL Slim Line ContactorThe Slimline contactor is a rigid construction and remote operation voltage monitoring solution. The overall goal of this device is to prevent injury and to promote safety on the job. The arc-resistant MVIS SL motor cell is a safety device that is crucial within the railway industry. 

The device is completely tamper proof and it contains an enclosure that’s resistant to arc damage for protecting equipment and for preventing extreme failures within electrical technology. No, exposed live parts are delivered with this device and this can reduce the risk of arc flash and electrocution. The bucket hand on the devices are removable in 5 min, to provide easy access for repairs. 

Protective relays on the device are delivered in a separate rack to reduce the overall weight if a failure occurs. 

With construction options able to suit up to 7200 V all the way down to 480 V, this is a highly customizable solution that can be a quick option for maintenance and an even better option for your safety. The quick-change bolt with the built-in vacuum contactor makes this an essential piece for safety.

The lockout tag and front cover increases accountability and offers an added level of safety and protection for operators. Multi-contact power connections ensure the validity of the device and the deadbolt design offers enhanced security. 

This is an extremely low-cost option for your safety and with its high visibility switch position, it prevents tamper and temptation. The design is adaptable for smaller vacuum contactors and the overall construction is extremely rigid, there are no tools required to remove the contactor bucket, only the right access key. 

Quick-relief solutions ensure that maintenance can be handled by two employees in 5 min. Ventilated top control covers make this simple for protecting electrical components and for managing maintenance concerns.

The visible line terminal disconnect and motor operated rack and pinion contactor bucket make grounding simple and any type of repairs easy. The self-diagnostic LED on the front cover also provides ongoing monitoring and alerts as required. 

This device will operate flawlessly day in and day out and with top-quality construction. If you are interested in one of these devices for your equipment or as a new standard for your business, contact us today. We want to make sure that we can facilitate the custom needs of your business.