What Is A Watt Transducer?

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 03/04/2021 - 18:19

What Is A Watt Transducer?A watt transducer is a solid-state unit that is designed to meet the requirements of supervisory control and data acquisition systems. Transducers are designed as a regular constructed substation environment that operates under a DC housekeeping battery supply. The devices can be used separately from an AC inverter and constructed on a specialty base that can be mounted in any orientation for simple installation. The electrical connection is handled through a basic screw terminal barrier with strips for gain and zero adjustments. The screw mounts are found on the top cover and there’s a calibration for setting off intentional offsets. Voltage and current are multiplied through the high-voltage section with the highest accuracy and the watt output is fed into a full-wave FET chopper that provides high-voltage isolation. The chopper device works between the feeder circuits and the loop output. When a current source is tracked by the input signal with feedback located along with the positive output, the transducer monitors the best performance and manages the procedure in safety. 

Current Transducers

Watt transducers are often paired with current transducers which are high-performance solid-state units designed for other forms of supervisory control. These devices also perform data acquisition and offer ADC housekeeping battery supply for use with a separate AC inverter. These types of devices offer input of up to 100 mV or a full range and they deliver current feedback in the positive output for the best level of performance. 

Using devices like these will make sure that you get a four-quadrant multiplier Watt rating and enteral power supply that compensates for a wide range of DC inputs and three-way isolation across the power supply, input circuit as well as output circuit. The magnetic link design offers no aging deficiencies or temperature drift along with the transducer. 

These devices for your business can be installed safely and will keep your employees better protected and ensure that your business can keep more uptime. If you are interested in learning more about the rugged construction and improvements that can be delivered from one of these devices, contact us to learn more. We help businesses worldwide with their electric needs and install a wide range of quality transducers.