What Is A Type 64 Ground Relay Used For?

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 03/25/2021 - 18:19

What Is A Type 64 Ground Relay Used For?A type 64 ground relay is a dual function and high resistance grounded DC switchgear. The overall goal of this equipment is to protect equipment enclosures and personnel from a hot fault connection. The DC switchgear and rectifiers are designed with a high resistance relay that offers a superior level of performance and reliability. All the components onboard and the entire construction of the unit offers self-diagnostic support as well as extremely heavy components. 

These types of ground relays are structures that can sound an alarm on contact when a structure or rectifier becomes grounded for a breach in the insulation. Wooldridge sensing trip systems are passed by grounding in the self-diagnostic feature determines where the failure occurred. The relay will alert personnel when there’s a leakage or fault system that occurs between the structure and the bus. The output is also connected to a lockout relay to make sure that when the alarm sounds, the system will automatically de-energize the entire station and protect everyone nearby. The system can be calibrated to switch off at a variety of voltages, a test button for ground structure enunciation and hot structure trips is provided along with the front panel and in the event that there is a fault or lockout condition that occurs, the structure ground relay provides continuous operation ensuring that voltage will not exceed over 800 VDC down to 600 VAC at the fault.

Having these types of systems in place will make sure that an entire electrical system within your facility can be shut off in the event of an emergency. An AC or DC leakage or fault could spell a detrimental issue for employee safety, it could damage equipment and more. Having these ground relays in place will ensure that the voltage can be monitored properly and that the systems can be completely adjusted and managed throughout the future of your electronic use. 

If you have been looking for a safety feature that could help to protect your staff members and your equipment on the job site, contact us today to learn more about our Type 64 ground relay installation support. We can help you learn more about these devices and recommend the best type of ground full relay.