U.S. Commits Another 891 Million USD to Transit Industry

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 01:12

U.S. Commits Another 891 Million USD to Transit Industry

U.S. Commits Another 891 Million USD to Transit IndustryThe U.S. federal transit administration is working on the advancement of 12 transit projects throughout its capital investment grants program. With an estimated 890 million in U.S. transit funds moving towards a stream of projects, we will see developments in small start streams, new starts and projects that will be taking place throughout multi-stage developments nationwide. This is a multi year plan that includes plans for Lake County IN, Phoenix Arizona and Los Angeles California. 

Some of the new starts that have been opening up include the Westside purple line which has allotted $100 million towards an extension of the 4.2 km subway addition that will connect Veterans Hospital to Westwood. 

Phoenix Arizona is launching the Valley Metro South Central LRT, a branch allotting $100 million over a 5.5 mile route. The route will begin in downtown Phoenix and move to the south mountain village area. Another successful project is in Lake County IN, where they are introducing a Westlake corridor commuter rail including funding for $100 million over a 7.8 mile southern extension of the social rail line between Hammond and Dyer. 

A series of small starts funding is allocated to Tri-Met to extend Max Red Light rail line in Portland Oregon as well as the Beaverton transit center into the downtown Hillsboro area. These improvements across the transit system in the United States are working to enhance the capacity of commuter rail as well as maximize the reliability between transit hubs in each city. Improvements here will maximize the efficiency between the Portland international Airport and Beaverton area. 

Small start packages will include implementation of bus rapid transit projects throughout Indianapolis, St. Petersburg, Miami-Dade County, Ogden, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Albany.  These further transit projects throughout the United States are set to improve working relationships across the country and make sure that there can be an increased effort for employment across the transit industry. These construction projects will employ a large number of new workers and the ongoing openings for engineering will drive new job growth into the transit hubs across many markets in the United States.

As many cities are working towards creating improved transit hubs, it is expected that there will be a series of other national funding announcements occurring for further funding in the country. With extension lines beginning in the early part of 2020, new financing is helping to finalize these projects and ensure that the U.S. can continue its mission to reduce emissions while speeding the average commute. Contact us today!