Traction Transformers

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 04/15/2020 - 16:03

Traction Transformers


Traction Power Transformers for rail operators and training effectors worldwide are responsible for handling the highest energy ratings for high efficiency and performance as well it takes up the minimum available space. The goal is to miniaturize these products to meet local demand while also affording maximum passenger space and comfort. Reliability and flexibility in the traction transformers market is important to consumers.

Traction transformers are responsible for transforming energy into further speed and energy that can move passengers and freight effortlessly. As part of the traction chain on any locomotive, these are crucial items for train performance and for operator services. We design and build traction transformers that can serve many purposes with your locomotive. We have transformers for every application including Electro locomotives, diesel locomotives, system trams, high-speed locomotives and more.

Our team has years of experience in building transformer technology and is one of the leading suppliers for customized railway transformers, we can design transportation systems that are fit for global logistics standards. We have highly skilled workers at each step of the manufacturing process. From design to meeting all specifications with quality standards, we can produce transformers that can be well-suited for your needs in the marketplace.

Our traction transformers are designed for a series of applications and rolling stock and we have various ratings for voltage levels and efficiency. The end goal is to create a transformer that will suit your needs and meet all applicable requirements for your project.

Design options include various changes for weight, installation location, power ratings, frequency and more. We can assist with the dissipation of short circuit voltages as well as losses and impedance voltage characteristics. It’s our goal to use our material and technology to meet all environmental requirements as well.

As transformer producers, we can also assist in the process of transformer performance analytics. Our operators can monitor and optimize transformer performance and make sure that we can provide ongoing data analysis traction transformers and full rolling stock specifications. With a new generation of sensors on many of our transformers to monitor health, we can ensure that your system is running at peak efficiency.

We offer transformer systems that can meet standards for quality and versatility worldwide. We want to work in close cooperation with international standards committees to make sure that we can comply with all relevant stands for the industry. By covering every preference and making sure that we can deliver the best efficiency for cooling, ratings and voltages and more, we can offer the best to our customers.

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