The Type 82 DC Relay

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 02/12/2021 - 17:53

The Type 82 DC RelayThe type 82 relay is a solid-state reclosing system that prevents the DC breaker from closing on a faulted line. When a fault occurs within the system, the relay will provide a load side fall verification before the breaker can close successfully. There’s an automatic reclosing of the breaker on a clear line. The type 82 relay is designed to be used for heavy rail and on light rail systems. 


The greatest features of this device include a drawn-out construction, LED meter for accuracy, load measure memory, bi-directional load metering, Fault Annunciation, built in calibration, and modular construction.

The reclosing system on this device consists of two main units including the DC reclosing relay and the solid-state transducer. The relay can be mounted remotely to eliminate ongoing exposure to traction voltage. The relay also responds to the input performing functions on voltage measurements, load measurements, indication, and sequencing. By measuring on the load side of the breaker as well as picking up voltage along preset values on the clear line, the relay will make sure that a pre-existing level of line voltage measurement can occur. Heavy rail systems or light rail systems that utilize this device will benefit from a series of ongoing functions that can eliminate exposure in voltage and improve ongoing operations. 

With the ongoing relay maintenance, it’s possible to close the breaker at preset values and make sure that the voltage produced by any load on the current will be continually monitored. Adjustments on the device include timing for each step in the sequence, the number of attempts, and the levels of voltage required for a complete load pick up. 

The device can be calibrated for the needs of any business or heavy train. If you are in need of assistance with your dead load pickup or you could use a device that will help you with proper load optimization throughout your locomotive business, contact us today to learn more. We can help recommend the ideal product for your needs and make sure that you are using the best in monitoring throughout your relays and electrical needs.

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