The Swartz Watt Transducer

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 03:16

The Swartz Watt TransducerThe Watt Transducer from Swartz is a high-performance tool built with solid-state technology. The unit is designed to meet the requirements for all electronic supervisory control as well as provide data acquisition in SCADA. 

Swartz has designed and built this tool with rugged construction in mind. Purpose-built for the transit industry, this is a device that operates with a DC onboard battery as well as a series of separate AC inverts. The watt transducer is built on an fl angled base ensuring that it can be mounted for any configuration. 

The electrical connection is built in a screw terminal site including barrier strips. The zero and gain adjustment trim pots can be found on the top cover for easy calibration and for setting an intentional offset. Current and voltage are multiplied in the voltage section for the best level of accuracy and the watt output section is delivered to a full-wave FET chopper. There is a level of high voltage isolation in the transducer that leads to new levels of electrical control.

The current loop and output is built in a bipolar current source. There are tracks to the input signal and the current feedback is located in a positive output position for ideal performance. 

The current transducer is built for a high-performance solution in a number of applications. The solid-state design can exceed the standards for the industry and offer superior data acquisition and control measures. If you are seeking a solution for electrical data gathering and supervision controls, this is a device that can offer more to your company. The built-in battery and the quality electronics monitoring can make sure that the system is able to deliver upon the specifications of a wide range of industries. These are solutions that can safeguard your electronics for the future, improve safety on-site, and ensure that you are able to enjoy the best in electronic monitoring. With easy setup and attachment and strong construction, you can make sure that you have the best monitoring solutions on hand with this quality device.

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