The Swartz CSM Shield Monitor

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 02/19/2021 - 17:25

The Swartz CSM Shield MonitorA CSM shield monitor is a cost-effective monitoring method that delivers ongoing monitoring for the integrity of a DC feeder cable. The shield around a DC cable needs to be maintained in order to offer the utmost safety throughout a job site. This shield monitor can work in conjunction with a shielded feeder cable to provide a self-contained level of protection for DC feeder cables. Each of these units comes with four main channels allowing for ongoing monitoring for feeder cables as well as continuous shield monitoring. 

The two types of faults found in the CSM shield monitor for detection include a hot shield and grounded shield faults. Hot shields are defined as the potential for negative rail to exceed the safe margins. When safe margins are exceeded the unit will deliver a LED warning in yellow for the impending problem and once the limit is reached a red LED illuminates tripping the output automatically. 

The second type of fault warning that this system can check in on is the breakdown of insulation in the cable between the structure ground as well as the shield. The green LED light will illuminate on the front as an announcement that the output has occurred. When contact and lights are not latched in operations, they will return to the off position. Green power on LEDs will continually blink on the device if the relay is working to monitor the cable. 

The main features of this device include the EST switch, force reset on the cover plate, panel mount, diagnostic indicators along with the cover plate for each panel as well as sensitivity delay adjustments from 30 seconds all the way to five hours. Many inputs for the hot trips include simple monitoring solutions and simple hot threshold adjustment. 

The 4 main outputs for the hot trips are found on each channel including a hot threshold adjustment from 0-50 VDC. Solutions on the device can prevent a series of faults and ensure that a breakdown of insulation will not cause ongoing failures. When predetermined limits are reached, the device kicks into use and can prevent a series of problems for the future. 

Choosing a CSM shield monitor can deliver an added level of protection and an extensive level of sensitivity adjustments for a number of electrical projects. If you are interested in the CSM shield monitor for your business, contact us today to learn more.