The Key Features of A Swartz Power Control Room

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 05/05/2021 - 18:38

The Key Features of A Swartz Power Control RoomA power control room is a perfect inclusion for your business in protecting your electrical equipment. Our control rooms are designed to help you in the most challenging environments and provide the maximum level of protection against the elements. We can eliminate the potential for various corrosion and electrical problems. The ceiling, wall, and roof panels are also designed for maximum strength of an interlocking system. We want to maximize the overall structural strength of your enclosure and minimize the weight of the enclosure so that it can stay portable for your operations. All exterior panels are constructed of a galvanized steel and they can be sealed off with an electrostatic and powder-coated finish that provides excellence in corrosion resistance. Power control systems provide you with all of the room that’s necessary for housing your most crucial electronic components. Our products have been field-proven across thousands of installations in the world and they can be fully customized to house the electronic components that you need every day. 

Each one of our products in power control rooms is fully tested and partially assembled prior to shipment. These devices can be used to withstand the most challenging environments and they can be built in any size. Our team provides an end-to-end responsibility and we build these products on-site to ship them to your business location. We’ve been operating and providing these solutions for decades in the industry. Our products are fully field-tested and we have proven them over thousands of installations worldwide. Having access to a proper E house design will help you improve automation, safety, and communication within the electrical industry. The design of our products in a power control room will help you to manage improvements in your daily safety and to preserve the lifespan of your equipment over time. 

The overall design of these power control rooms is created with automation and safety in mind. We sell our systems to work with some of the world’s leading companies and we provide ongoing assistance and safety in the transportation industry as well as electrical Manufacturers. We are designing the solutions for the future of the electrical industry. We want to ensure that we can offer the best in power control room installs.

Contact us today to learn more about the key features in our power control rooms. We can assist with the best new systems for your daily operations.