The Importance of A Type 64 Relay

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 10/26/2020 - 02:07

The Importance of A Type 64 Relay

The Importance of A Type 64 RelayA type 64 relay is a crucial piece of equipment that provides a high resistance DC switch designed to protect equipment. This relay protects equipment and works as a full enclosure alerting personnel to ground and hot fault conditions in DC switchgear and quickly rectifying a solution. These resistance relays provide a superior level of operational reliability and improve performance through any type of electrical relay in a locomotive. The relays provide an excellent level of operational reliability and they are built with rugged construction, self-diagnostic backups, solid-state components, and more. 

The main features of a type 64 relay include a dry out construction, an LED meter for accurate and easy reading, transient surge protection, AC or DC hot structure faults, an internal power supply that operates and auto compensates for DC inputs as well as internal time delays that can prevent nuisance tripping. 

This high resistant structure ground relay is the perfect path to protect a DC switchgear structure and to make sure that the voltage sensing trip can be managed with grounding or self-diagnostic features. The relay will also ensure that personnel can be alerted when leakage or fault occurs and that the fault occurring between the structure and the train can be properly managed as well. 

The output will be connected through a lockout relay and the entire station can be de-energized when limits are reached. The relay will also alert personnel when there is a leakage in the fault between the structure and the train. The output is automatically connected to lockout relay’s and the entire area can be properly tripped and adjusted. Structure trip adjustability ensures that the device can be set up to run with a wide range of electronics and for an adequate range of protection. 

Test buttons for ground structure enunciation and hot structure trips are provided along the front edge of the panel. Lockout conditions and fault conditions have a high tolerance and the device is built with intensive quality standards to maintain operations with accuracy.

By working with a type 64 relay you can work to protect yourself from a wide range of dangers with a locomotive and as you are operating your day to day electronics. If you would like to learn more about these types of safety relays and how they can benefit you, contact us today.