Swartz Watt Transducers

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 04/14/2021 - 19:09

Swartz Watt TransducersThe Swartz watt transducer is a solid-state unit that is built for high-performance and designed to meet the needs of data acquisition and supervisory control. Transducers are systems that are designed to be in place for monitoring with fairly simple yet reliable activities. The transducer is built with an extremely rugged construction and there regularly installed in the transit substation environment and operating within the DC housekeeping supply. The battery supplies on board ensure that these can work without a separate AC inverter. These are extremely high-performance units that can offer supervisory controls and shut off a wide range of voltages in heavy equipment, the locomotive industry, and more. 

The product is manufactured using an SL angled base that is mounted in nearly any orientation. Electrical connections can be made through a screw terminal barrier strip and an adjustment trim pot that’s located on the top cover for easy calibration. You can set up intentional offsets for the voltage and current as well as multiply in the high-voltage system for the highest accuracy. The watt output is fed into a full-wave FTT chopper and this provides a high-voltage isolation and monitoring between the feeder circuits and the loop output. Bipolar current sources take place through the output and the tracks in the input signal with the current feedback in the positive loop delivers quality performance. 

These transducers are designed to meet the requirements of supervisory control and data acquisition systems. The system operates in an environment with a battery supply and without the use of a separate AC inverter. Included within the transducer is a four-quadrant multiplier, over-range capabilities, smooth saturation characteristics, high bandwidth at 1 kHz, bidirectional monitoring, magnetic link design, three-way isolation, and more. 

These watt transducers are often required items for a wide range of electrical components throughout the mining and heavy equipment industry. If you’re interested in finding some of the finest producers in the electrical industry for your needs, the Swartz watt transducer is a great selection that you can consider for superior monitoring and controls for your system. If you need more information on the use of watt transducers and the best products that could suit the needs of your business, contact our staff today. We can make recommendations on the ideal watt transducer to suit the needs of your applications.