Swartz Engineering’s Switchgear DC Reclosing System At Walt Disney World

Submitted by Kristian on Mon, 04/06/2020 - 20:14

Swartz Engineering’s Switchgear DC Reclosing System At Walt Disney WorldThe Walt Disney World resort monorail system is one of the most advanced rail systems in operation throughout the United States. This public transit monorail system in operation has been in use as of 2016 in its current format. It’s one the most heavily utilized monorail systems in the world carrying more than 150,000 daily riders. The public transit system or monorail across the resort is 23.7 km and it operates three main lines in six stations. The trains are driven by eight 113 hp motors which are electric and run through a 600 V electrical system. The busbar mounted on each side of the concrete beam powers the trains and provides reliable transportation for over 50 million people annually.

The system in place to regulate these trains is the Swartz Engineering DC reclosing system. This is a revolutionary DC reclosing system that was utilized first by the Walt Disney World monorail system in the year 2016. 

The goal of this system is to provide distribution for the electrical current across the entire monorail and to prevent the closing of a DC breaker on the faulted line. By preventing this fault break or closing, this can prevent the chance of an overcurrent trip and make sure that the load side of fall verification can be handled before the breaker closes. This system will automatically reclose the breaker on a clear line and ensure that the train can remain in operation. 

With safety systems like this in place, the train can operate at an unparalleled level of efficiency. There’s less of a chance of the train ending up stalling on the track and stranding riders and a far lesser chance that a train may ever experience a complete overload. 

Swartz took this technology originally from mining transit systems that have to operate under extreme stress. Converting the electrical system over to a monorail was certainly a challenge but using a system that had already been proven across mining technology made the conversion a much easier change. This type of DAC did technology has made Swartz a leader in switchgear in DC reclosing systems. Walt Disney monorail systems are some of the most reliable transit solutions found across the United States. Although this technology is still quite unique when compared to a traditional passenger train, the systems that are regulating this widely used short circuit transportation system have kept it extremely reliable. 

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