Swartz Engineering’s Surge Arrestors

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 03/31/2021 - 18:53

Swartz Engineering’s Surge ArrestorsA metal-oxide surge arrestor can provide a level of protection for your DC distribution system throughout the mining industry. These devices are designed to be mounted as a metal cap and mounted along electrical components. Rectifiers, substations, DC feeders. These devices can be mounted on a power rail or along the vehicle as well. The goal of these surge arrestors is to prevent an arc from making its way onto the vehicle or into sensitive equipment. The arrestor always needs to be connected at an appropriate size conductor to ensure that it can meet the needs of any anticipated surge. Finding the right connector can be easy with the help of the right engineering team. 

A surge arrestor uses a metal oxide technology and the devices are designed to operate in temperatures that did not exceed over 60°C. The housing along the device offers an extensive level of UV stabilized polyester compounds and the element is encapsulated inside. The encapsulated area is found in a sleeve and this adds a new level of protection for the device. The unit gets sealed with a stainless steel cap and the connecting studs are produced with specialty mounting hardware to make it easier to connect with a variety of devices. 

With added corrosion resistance and a strong level of support against faults, arcs, and more, these are devices that can lead to a wide range of protection for your equipment. These items are a proven solution for protection in your business and they can be a very affordable addition to your monitoring and switch solutions. 

The energy discharge capacity in these devices is set at 2.6 kJ or kilovolt per occurrence at greater than 500 amps. This rating makes these devices extremely safe for use in a heavy locomotive, mining, and more. For more information on mounting surge arrestors and their applications, contact us today. We can make recommendations on the best types of surge arrestors to suit the needs of your business and your electrical applications.