Railway Applications: Power Systems

Submitted by Kristian on Tue, 05/24/2022 - 16:09

Railway Applications: Power SystemsModern power systems for rail applications can withstand harsh environmental conditions, including electrical and mechanical shocks. We are introducing a range of power systems that will work with any type of traction vehicle and rolling stock. We want to provide reliable DC-DC power conversions that can handle any type of electronic equipment, including lighting, entertainment control, safety management systems, and other components. We aim to offer products that can be used in North America and internationally.

Many standards in Europe are different from those in North America. This means that there are higher requirements for power system manufacturers. Many manufacturers have to redesign their products to meet the requirements of two new standards for electronic equipment.

Our power supply systems are designed for maintenance of railway environments. We are able to provide support for both input supply and assistance with spikes or transients. We want rail systems to be able to manage interruptions and regulate normal input voltages.

We want to make sure that our electronics meet all performance requirements. We ensure that the products we make are tested thoroughly and that performance is not affected by any of these tests.

We perform extensive mechanical environmental testing to confirm our results. We can ensure that every component performs accurately so that products meet all manufacturer requirements and exceed operational standards.

We offer a variety of power subassemblies, which include power supplies and environment service conditions products. This allows us to manage the electrical supply reliability and safety of passenger transport, light rail and freight rail solutions. Our environmental service conditions monitor temperature, relative humidity, shock and vibration. To ensure reliability, we use a variety of monitoring methods.

We can provide documentation on our current product offerings and more information about the operating guidelines we use. Get in touch with us to find out more about our power solutions for railway applications.