Power Control Room by Swartz Engineering

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 10/15/2021 - 20:32

Power Control Room by Swartz EngineeringA power control room or E-house can lead to a highly secure and clean room for your business to keep its most sensitive electronic equipment. Power distribution centers, E-houses, or PDC’s have become an essential and highly secure environment within industrial locations, factories, and the mining industry. These devices can eliminate a wide range of problems with your electronics and also provide you with the perfect place to protect your most valuable asset throughout a company. Power control rooms are designed to withstand the most challenging environments in any industrial location or in any outdoor setting. E-houses can be installed in outdoor areas, in mining environments, and rogue industrial locations to provide an added level of protection to meet the needs of your business. Our control systems are designed to meet the most challenging environments and to protect your sensitive computer electronics as well as maintain the electrical grid within your company for the purpose. Having one of these locations eliminate the chance for corrosion problems, control temperature, and humidity as well as deliver protection from electrical interference to the most sensitive equipment you have. 

E-houses provide this protection through an extremely rugged construction as well as the use of a series of interlocking exterior panels. These locations can be instructed to your exact specifications with load-bearing walls, unique insulation, and more. It started with the construction of one of these unique E-houses. We will learn your specifications for equipment and produce a device that will truly meet the needs of your customers. 

Every E-house we produce includes:

Proper preconstructed panels and components

Full assembly from our technicians who provide complete construction on-site and preconstruction of panels off-site. 

We take on more responsibility for end-to-end design and build on your e house design. We can produce a safe location that can house all of the components that are required for your business as well as design the system with appropriate wiring, storage, loadbearing capabilities, finishes, and more. You'll end up with an environment that can withstand extremely difficult conditions and provide the maximum protection for your electronics. 

We have a proven system that can withstand the most challenging environments on earth. The E-houses that we build are tested time and time again and able to offer excellence in the construction process. Our E-houses and power control systems are able to help you prevent downtime and ensure that you can maximize power control throughout your business. If you ever experienced difficulty with storage in your electronic devices or issues with contaminants, poor weather, electrical problems, and more, we are ready to assist you. 

Contact us today we can get started with a system that will suit your budget and meet the needs of your business design scheme. Our experienced engineers can build a solution for your business to help you maximize productivity while reducing your risk.