Portable Substation

Portable SubstationA portable substation is a safe and reliable means of power supply for your company. With the help of one of these devices, you can prevent service disruptions and enjoy better construction timeframes. Whether you are facing operational restrictions, unexpected issues, or natural disasters, portable substations can work as a reliable solution for your needs. 

With a quality portable substation, you will have a module with all the necessary components such as a power transformer, AIS, GIS switchgear, MV cables, protection, and complete control systems. The devices also offer an AC and DC auxiliary power supply. These items offer a fully tested and connected option for honing your power generation needs on site and for offering a design that improves reliability. Portable substations are items that are crucial to maintaining power flow and ensuring that you can always have a system in place to keep your business up and running. 

Why choose a portable substation from Swartz engineering?

Our portable substations have few space requirements and can be set up for use in almost any location. If you are in need of a portable substation, with the help of our staff, we can create an item that can be set up for your use on a trailer or put into place so that it can be of use at any time of the year. 

The system takes little on-site work and the installation process is very short. Depending on the nature of your business, the substation can also scale to suit the needs of your business. Easy relocation and expansion solutions ensure that this is a device that is extremely easy to modify and perfect to scale alongside your business.

With the nature of the components in portable substation designs, we can also have a tool that is environmentally friendly. There are reduced maintenance requirements for keeping these systems up and they are designed to maintain the utmost efficiency in their operation. 

Why choose Swartz Engineering

We have been working in the portable substation field for years and we build and maintain electrical systems that are well suited to businesses across the world. We have worked in the mining industry and we are extremely well versed in building portable substations to suit the needs of full-scale businesses as well as start-up locations. With our assistance, we can keep you within budget and build a portable substation that is going to help you maintain your business operations with ease. 

Swartz Engineering Service Areas

From our location in Bristol VA, we service the surrounding area including Kingsport, Johnson City, Charlotte, Knoxville, Huntington, and the surrounding area. We are a proud international supplier of electrical components for the rail and mining industry and we can assist with a wide range of solutions to help your business prepare and thrive. 

Contact us today at Swartz Engineering for all your electrical needs. We can make it easy for you to enjoy the best in uninterrupted power solutions and quality results for your business in its power generation.