MVIS SL Slim Line Contactor Explained

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 01/28/2021 - 16:46

MVIS SL Slim Line Contactor ExplainedThe MVIS SL is a slimline contactor which is designed with the best in construction standard. Built for ideal remote operations and the prevention of injury on the job site, this is a tool that is high performance and arc-resistant for use in a wide range of applications. 

The use of these tools can lead to improvements in safety across the job site. The MVIS SL motor cell improves the efficiency of operating electronic equipment as well as the safety of these devices overall. As a natural choice for improving electrical operations, the contractor can be highly useful for managing your safety while you are on site. 

The largest benefits of these devices include support for remote operations which can limit injury risk further as well as no exposed live parts on board. The use of a distinctly rugged housing and remote operation ensures an overall reduction in arc flash and difficulty with arc flash. The bucket hand on board is removable in just 5 minutes and there are protective relays built in a separate rack to reduce weight and to provide solutions for relay draw out. 

The tamper-proof design is corrosion resistant and designed to ensure that the internal electronics can be safe in a wide range of conditions. Regardless of the application for these devices, the strength of the housing and the design work to protect all sensitive components for a consistent level of operation. 

The fully enclosed construction will ensure that all arc flash and interference can be prevented. These are tools that make the slimline contactor an incredibly resilient tool in electronics monitoring and an asset to almost any industry. The design of the device and the strength of the housing can prevent arc flash and further equipment damage. 

Features like low weight power components, an automatically insulating shutter, and deadbolt front safety interlock, make this a simple device to install and a proven piece of technology for ongoing monitoring. The design and the coverage offer support for voltage up to 7200V in the top-end design. Quick pin release for the contractor bucket ensures easy maintenance and installation as well. No tools are required for servicing and minimal involvement is needed to service the device remotely.

If you are interested in learning more about the slimline contractor, contact us today to learn more about the device and other options that could be used to bolster your electronic monitoring needs.