How Using Pre-Manufactured Structures Can Save You Time And Money On Your Project

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 08/14/2020 - 14:46

How Using Pre-Manufactured Structures Can Save You Time And Money On Your Project

How Using Pre-Manufactured Structures Can Save You Time And Money On Your ProjectAny type of pre-manufactured electrical industrial project can often require weeks or even months of development. Major projects like electrical powerhouses or e houses are often required for completing projects on schedule and making sure that you can run effectively in the mining industry. An E house comes with a series of advantages for projects across your business and in order to appropriately answer how an E house can be beneficial for your business, it is important to consider how these systems are built. 

One of the traditional ways that e houses have been built in the past is by sourcing aspects of the E house design from a variety of suppliers and then having the company set up the system in house. An E house that is self supported and pre-engineered as well as prefabricated is becoming the new normal because it is much easier to set up and run. 

E houses can contain single medium voltage variable frequency drives, low-voltage motor control centers and advanced control panels for distributing power systems throughout a mining operation. By working with a single supplier, e houses can be prefabricated and integrated into the design for easy launch. These are items that come pre-connected and designed for plug-and-play use across several devices and equipment. E houses are capable of being relocated and moved across job sites as well as shipped by the company that fabricates them. 

By having these components prewired and tested by the manufacturer before the shipment process, you can have a plug-and-play solution. An E house can be delivered to its site and then placed at its intended location, connected by electrical connections for controls, grounding and power. This can make sure that you have access to everything that you need to get started. 

Most types of E house designs have a lead time between 12 to 20 weeks but this can be greatly reduced when working with a company that prefabricates E houses at the same factory and under highly constrained schedules. 

E houses can also save you money when deploying to remote locations. Having a system that can be easily moved can make sure you can remove your operations and relocate them as necessary. 

E houses can also ensure that you can have protections in place while having just one supplier for all of your sourcing, building and quality control. If you are considering one of these control solutions for your business, contact us today to learn more about the best new e house designs that we have for your business.