How Does The Type 150 DC Relay Work?

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 04/08/2021 - 13:56

How Does The Type 150 DC Relay Work?The type 150 DC relay is an isolated current monitor and overcurrent relay that’s designed to provide you with ongoing monitoring for positive and negative servers. This monitoring device is put into place through DC power distribution networks and it works as a standalone relay or in conjunction with a type LXXXII automatic reclose or relay. The combination of these relays can deliver a series of millivolts and offer an accurate field calibration of feeder current settings. 

The features of this device allow it to check the rate of rise, the indication of the mode, the use with a positive and negative conductor as well as ongoing monitoring for a wide range of electrical components. The overall goal of the monitoring here can protect the relay at any type of shunt. The calibration components ensure that there is a simple solution for calibration at the site to interrupt faults as they occur. If the system detects faults in the overcurrent relay, there is a fault trip and the system safety can be preserved. The unique rate of rise channels here offer a system that is going to detect faults instantaneously and offer a faster tripping point. Other types of DC relays must wait for a specific point to be reached without the ongoing monitoring from the current as it rises. This early prevention of arcing faults ensures a greater level of protection and safety and improved levels of field calibration for the device as well. 

Perhaps the greatest strength of the type 150 DC relay is that it can be installed at any shunt. The device can be added to a system easily and then used for ongoing monitoring support. The detector channel and the added features make it a system that requires less calibration.

If the system is tripped, you will have an improved level of safety on your jobsite and an instant shutdown for electrical devices in your area which can protect employees and prevent damage to electrical equipment. The use of these devices is a must in many industries and making the choice to install these items will ensure that you can protect yourself and your employees into the future. If you would like to learn more about the Type 150 DC relay and how it can benefit your company, contact us today to learn more.