Direct Current Relay

Submitted by Kristian on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 03:27

Direct Current Relay 

Direct Current RelayThe DC reclosing relay is part of a solid-state that prevents the closing of the DC breaker when a fault occurs. This is a reclosing system that is tripped after a fault or after an overcurrent trip. The relay provides a fault verification on the load side and then automatic closing of the breaker on the line that is clear. This is a relay that is designed for heavy and light rail systems and it comes with a quality LED meter for accurate and easy load measure readouts.

The device is sophisticated with voltage compensation, fault annunciation, built-in calibration, modular construction and load measure memory. The two main units included are a solid-state transducer as well as a reclosing relay. The transducer is self powered and it’s responsible for monitoring ongoing signals while remotely eliminating traction voltage. 

From the transducer it’s possible to get a real response out of the input and perform a series of voltage measurements. The device takes measurements on load, voltage, indication and sequencing and the relay will measure voltage on the load side as well as the breaker side. The breaker will pick up if the voltage sets above preset values and it will close the breaker to a preset value that is determined on the control panel. 

  • The set value for the relay is delivered as the voltage produced by the load measuring current at the minimum level of theater resistance. Adjustments on the device can include time for each step of the sequence changes for the number of tents as well as the levels for voltage and dead load pickup. The convenient LED screen as well as the bidirectional load measuring make this a sophisticated piece of technology that is crucial in the light rail and heavy rail industry. Built for strength and for accuracy, this is a product they can provide reliable operation and reclosing for safety along electrical rail systems. 

If you have any interest in the direct current relay or you need custom solutions for your business, Contact our team today. We can build direct current relays on your specifications or recommend solutions that could suit the needs of your business. We want to offer a full service solution for electrical monitoring in the heavy and light rail industry. Our team is knowledgeable and ready to offer the systems that can serve you better.