Decarbonizing Transportation

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 03/11/2021 - 16:51

Decarbonizing TransportationThere are many businesses, utilities, and state governments that are promoting a net-zero emissions target to work at rapidly reducing greenhouse gasses. Preserving a safe climate future means limiting global warming and reducing our overall carbon emissions. If more companies were willing to adopt a harder stance on carbon emissions we could work at limiting global warming to well below 2°C. One of the most important models to reducing our carbon emissions comes to transportation and energy innovation. The open-source energy policy simulator or EPS is working to explore illustrative policies to achieve net-zero emissions in the US by 2050. Its goals of making this happen will involve work on almost every industry including the construction industry, electricity, transportation, and in manufacturing. 

The US will be joining a number of countries worldwide through the Paris agreement for zero net emissions by 2050. More than 60 countries outside of the US including the UK and Germany have set the same standard and policies will need to adjust to produce results. 

The Harmonizing Transportation in the US Industry

The US transportation sector is currently responsible for over a quarter of the GHG emissions in the country. The power grid infrastructure and urban planning need to keep pace with the organic demand and this means that a number of light-duty vehicles are continuing to be overburdened in transportation, shipping, and other concerns. By making adjustments and switching over to electric vehicles or favoring rail shipping, it could be possible to decline carbon emissions in the transportation industry by more than half. 

Consumers are increasingly favoring electric vehicles because they have lower maintenance, impressive performance numbers and the cost to start with them is falling considerably as well. Emissions from other types of vehicles including nonroad vehicles for aircraft shipping, ships, and other solutions are set to increase or remain flat unless there are series of innovations in the sector. By working to determine the transportation and shipping industries we can finally find a solution that can limit our carbon emissions significantly. 

There are a series of policies that can be introduced to improve the transportation sector. Emissions restrictions added to each measure will eventually lead to continuous innovation in the industry. 

By addressing the problem and adding efficiency improvements and policy changes, we can work towards our goals. Contact us today to learn more about the steps we take in our industry for a better future.