DC Overcurrent protection relay: Overview

Submitted by Kristian on Wed, 09/29/2021 - 23:05

DC Overcurrent protection relay: OverviewA type 76 DC overcurrent relay is one of the most protective overcurrent devices on the market today. These systems are widely produced and used primarily in the transportation industry. As one of the most commonly used devices in major transportation systems, this is an electrical monitoring system that offers advanced protection for trolley wires, substations, feeder controls, third rail, and more. With the design in place, it's possible to remotely overlook overload conditions as well as provide immediate fault protection. 

With a solid-state design, this is a product that can prevent severe overload as well as deliver a rugged level of construction in a dependable solution. This device can perform in the most adverse conditions and deliver a relay that is strong and useful for protecting sensitive electrical equipment. 

The type 76 DC overcurrent relay is able to prevent against some of the most of your overload with an LED meter that can produce easy and accurate readout as well as a modular format that can fit into a variety of useful locations. Detector channels can include a rate of rise, long time overcurrent, short-term overcurrent, and instant charge protection. 

The device can be used remotely as an internal shut-off and power supply for any DC input. Customized specs for control on the device ensure that there are presets and thresholds that can be put in place for each channel. This delivers an automatic shutoff and full verification recording on any failure. 

The device will work on negative conductors and positive conductors and it can deliver an essential piece of technology in a standalone relay for DC networks. If you're searching for field calibration solutions each channel and be set up quickly and meet compatibility standards for heavy rail, light rail, and more. 

As one of the top manufacturers in the transit industry today, we are ready to help your company to protect against the adverse operating conditions in light rail, heavy rail and transportation. These relays can automatically interrupt a fault and reclose to resume service and prevent delays. The reclosing relay in combination with other monitoring systems will ensure a very fast and low maintenance option to keep your business up and running and to prevent accidents. 

Our team consistently test our products to ensure the best results and performance. We are regularly updating our standards and the technology that we place in our systems to meet the needs of the transportation industry as we continue our business. We've installed these devices globally and they are performing in excess of our standards. 

If you're interested in learning more about our type 76 DC overcurrent relay and it would be a good fit for your company, contact us today.