An Overview On Surge Testing

Submitted by Kristian on Sat, 05/23/2020 - 15:51

An Overview On Surge Testing

surge testingOne of the most important tests that can be carried out on electronic equipment today is the application of input surge testing. This testing method is outlined under the IEC 61,000 limits for end system requirements. The idea of this test is to put electrical equipment through the same types of effects that would occur during major voltage fluctuations.

Performing these types of tests is essential as major voltage fluctuations can occur quite regularly from large motor drives, lightning strikes, and more. The proper testing of the equipment will ensure that the system will be able to keep a level performance and that the electronics onboard will serve their intended purposes.

In a series of applications it’s important for a system to shut down, any user will need to manually reset the device. During a mission-critical experience, the system will need to continue operating without errors and this means proper surge testing before a system is exposed to this issue.

Surge testing allows for perfection and performance. Test levels that are defined throughout the operation and the end-to-end system will be done with a series of independent power supplies. 1 kV surges will be added into the line in a neutral and differential mode and this can make sure that there is no change in the system which will lead to failure.

The system may also need to have some type of auto-recovery option on board to intervene in the event of a major catastrophe. Performance under this criteria will ensure that devices can stay clear during a restart and that there will not be damages from surges or failures.

If the system demonstrates a series of search failures, new intervals will be applied to understand where the search failures occur. When equipment is regularly affected by disturbances in DC power supply, it’s possible to mitigate these results with a capacitor applied to the electrical system. Adding in-ground wire support and a series of other features can also make sure that the connection can be improved.

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