A Little Bit About Swartz Engineering

Submitted by Kristian on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 19:43
A Little Bit About Swartz Engineering

Swartz engineering has been in business for nearly 50 years. The team here has evolved to stay at the forefront of industry safety and technology. As a company that started as a family-owned enterprise, we began in the power distribution field and moved into mining and locomotive technology. Swartz Engineering is a team of innovators, we are a worldwide supplier of automation, communication, transportation, and power supply solutions. We build products for the world and we can ensure the utmost in efficiency and innovation. 

Our Design Process

From the early aspects of design in any product, we are focusing on producing tools that work in challenging environments, with maximum protection from the elements, safeguards, and warning systems to protect staff. We want to eliminate problems with corrosion, power loss, and more. The electronics that we design are built with aerospace tolerances and with the chance to engineer the finest in structural strength and efficiency. Our E-houses are sealed with the finest in steel and powder coated to deliver the best in corrosion resistance. Our products have been proven worldwide in a variety of installations and with years of proven operations.

We are regularly designing and innovating new products for multiple industries to provide cutting edge safety and technology to our customers. We leave our customers on the leading edge of electronic controls in their industry.

Factory Controlled Quality

Our factory controlled quality control is some of the best in industry standards. We do not compromise in the quality of our work. Our extensive factory testing and our engineering ensures that we can deliver the best to our customers and that our tools are ready to perform from the moment they are deployed. Our quality controls stand in line with the latest standards in IEEE and NEMA. We also want to ensure that our tools can exceed the expectations of our customers. Advanced engineering, quality control standards, and precision manufacturing are all cornerstones of our business.

If you are interested in enjoying professional quality tools with the customer service of a family business, we can provide you with the best hands-on assistance for your electrical needs. Contact us today if you are in need of assistance in Railway technology, electrical grid assistance, E houses, and more.